TCA Panel Guest K- Rino Topic: American History in the formation of modern America.

American History in the formation of modern America.
Due to technical set backs this will be rebooked for 22/03/2020

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  1. Wow! The lyrics, the images. Together = powerful truth. Amazing. Please don't be disheartened by the obstacles put in your way bringing the truth to us. Your efforts are very appreciated. I will make the effort to catch up with next live. They are ALWAYS eye opening and instructive.

  2. Shalom Family❣️ It would have been valued if even after the glitches, a few minutes of just kicking it with this King off structured subject matter; oh, what a blessing it would have been! Ya'll just chatting over current cares, until the pro-broadcast. Amen. Iron-sharpening-Iron! Until next time!👍🏾 * 🙌🏾🙏🏾😇 * Note: If that King wrote that knowledge to rap you were playing for us @TCA King, then YAH triple bless Ye', Amen ; 🙌🏾 All Glory to the Most High Yahawah 🙌🏾

  3. Shalom! The Most High lead me to you (TCA) in early 2019. Great content is here for us, it is necessary & a blessing to staying woke. Yah is bringing us all together Israel! This is my 1st ever comment from Ohio. Thank you TCA for allowing Yahawah to use you for Us, His children. Amen!

    🤔Thought King; make Clarion-Call to followers the day before to have us pray up spiritual covering over the airways, over the program, Amen. Corporately (All supporters) block the enemy at every turn, Amen. "APTTMHY!"


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