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Often at the apex of a Kingdom there is division. Which generally arrives from in-house fighting. Minoring on majors majoring on minors.

This we see even now being demonstrated in the United (divided) Kingdoms of Europe

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  1. 2Ch 11:

    And the priests and the Levites that were in all Israel resorted to him out of all their coast.
    For the Levites left their suburbs and their possession, and came to Judah and Jerusalem: for Jeroboam and his sons had cast them off from executing the priest's office unto the LORD:

  2. I never got the notifications for this video or in fact any videos! YouTube are messing with my Channel damn Devils 👿 but nevertheless, I still watched it but would've liked to be in the live chat! #KMDT!! Great Video and breakdown Bredren!

    Shalawam! ✊🏽

  3. King Jeroboam was the son of Nebat , who was from the Tribe of Ephraim ! He was a Servant of King Solomon ! Not his Son ! The Tribe of Levi was Father Yahuah's PORTION , they wasn't considered a tribe unto Yah'shar'al anymore , because Father Yahuah was their Portion ! All of Levi stayed with The House of Judah ! The Kings came out of Judah ! Southern Kingdom was Judah , Benjamin and Levi ! The House of Israel which went to the North , in which Jeroboam was given , didn't have any Levites ! That's why they were considered more Wicked than Judah ! They appointed their own priesthood who weren't from The Tribe of Levi ! That's why they Sat up Alters in the High Places , which became a Snare to them ! The Tribes of Manessah and Ephraim were considered half Tribes , which made up one whole ! Also , the feet mixed with iron and clay , they shall mingled themselves with the SEED of MEN ! They're referring to the SEED OF THE WATCHER'S ! THE FALLEN ANGELS SEED ! The Apocalypse of Abraham talks about some of Azazels (Whom the fall of mankind is Attributed to) Seed will be in Heaven ! Blacks are the ABORIGINALS OF THIS PLANET ! MADE IN FATHER YAHUAH'S IMAGE ! GENESIS CHAPTER 1 !!!!! Whose color is of Jasper and Sardine Stones ! The Book of Daniel 10:6 and Revelation 4:2-4 !

  4. Very enlightening study, my brother. Listened 4 times. It's good to have your perspective into history. However, I do have to question the one perplexing verse that says, " Tthey mingled their seed with the seed of men". The wording indicates that those trying to mingle are something other than "men". I'm making no definitive statement but do request your opinion on that wording. Shalom and blessings to you🤗

  5. So what ever happened to the tribe of Simeon who shared territories with the tribe of Judah ? So it should've been Judah, Simeon, Benjamin and the half tribe of Levi because the tribe of Levi didn't have any portion of land of their own and so they were spread out in the northern and southern kingdoms. Simeon wasn't part of the northern kingdom so they wasn't carried away when the northern kingdom went into captivity first….

  6. Interesting enough also, that THE MOST HIGH YAH brought Job down also due to his self-righteousness.
    A lot of miss this about the story of Job because we're taught that he was a righteous man of YAH. But, with study of the Book of Job we find out that YAH called him an upright man.
    Job saw himself as righteous primarily because he kept #YAHLAW HIS Covenant.
    Just an interesting sidebar to note, especially for those of us who believe we make it into YAH Kingdom alone just by keeping HIS LAWS/COMMANDMENTS. The thought alone is haughty because now it's about work…. No. We're only doing what we supposed to do.

    Shalawam and Thawadah Y'israel 🔥

  7. Sir, loved it. But why have you skipped the bronze Greek empire, how it overtook Persia-Medes and how it in turn was overtaken by Rome?
    It would have been a perfect analysis of Daniel's interpretation so we see the connection and similarities.

  8. This is the behavior of my beloved brothers in the four corners of the earth. Our Nigerian brothers are the worst because the bulk of our people are in the continent of Africa and the worst poverty.

  9. Man I must say thank you I pray everyday that God will continue to provoke I will talk and give us a heart that desire him and his presence I cannot wait for him to make his entrance and set up his kingdom thank you for your teaching I pray Yah's blessings over you and your family and your friends I pray the protection of the most high Over your life continue continue

  10. In my recent study I believe that statue probably looked more feminine or androgynous. Nebuchadnezzar grew up adoring the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. And everything in that temple was about his goddess. I believe he was honoring her greatest then and to come through the idol. # Thought provoking 🤔

  11. Ishtar ( represented by the Statue of 🗽 Liberty/ Roman goddess Libertas) as known, in ancient Babylon. A most cherish symbol of the United States of America. Takes us all the way down to the feet of clay. Ashtoreth in Hebrew ( same name for Canaanites)- Astarte in Greek- Summerian dialer as Inanna or Ninanna meaning the Queen of Heaven or Lady of Heaven. Hotties called her Shaushka. The Phoenicians of Cypress initially referred to her as Ishtar. Isis to the Egyptians….
    The names may have changed through time but the deities remain the same.

  12. Great lesson. Thank you Father Yah. It was also funny! It is so amazing that you can read something and never saw a foolish nation or “not a people” . Wow! You(I saw it) see it but don’t (didn’t ) grasp it


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