Tectonic shift in Geo-Politics: Russia's invasion pushes Finland, Sweden toward NATO | WION

Finland and Sweden which have traditionally remained neutral are now anxious to join the NATO alliance. The Russia-Ukraine war has fundamentally changed Europe’s security architecture. To get more details, we’re joined by William Courtney of RAND corporation.

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Comment (42)

  1. One only needs to look at the past of NATO with all these men such as Hans Speidel, Adolf Heusinger, Friedrich Guggenberger, Hennig Strumpell, Franz Josef Strauss. NATO is no longer a defensive alliance but an offensive millitary alliance and its scope is not just limited to NATO member countries but has interfered in countries such as Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Bosnia and Herzegovina to name a few. Instead of being disbanded after the collapse of USSR and being integrated into UN peacekeeping, it now has ulterior racist motives.

  2. European nation especially Finland and Sweden are nuclear hostage by Putin. Putin must go so the world will have peace.

  3. "Neutral nordic countries get nervous." Lol, more like "Neutral nordic countries get furious." Russia had so much potential. If Putin hadn't let it become so corrupted and ruled with an iron fist, its future would've been full of possibilities. And not just for Russia but for the whole world. Globalization and peaceful coexistence would've benefited everyone. And look at dat pile of shit now. Jailing people for "wrong" opinions and for holding blank papers, throwing even grandmas and kids into jail for protesting against war. Poisoning or assassinating his political opponents. And for what? Some outlived delirium of "good old days", fantasies of an encircled fortress and master race and hoarding more money for building luxury yachts and palace bunkers. It's an absolute joke. A disgrace to mankind. And every time something doesn't go the way Putin and his henchmen want, they threaten with nukes. Like some little kids who don't get candy. I'd rather take a nuke straight in my face than listen to this kindergarten.

  4. Let them join, that will give a real black eye to Putin.
    About Russia's own security, I cannot imagine any country that wants anything to do with that cesspool, much less invade it; it is only upset that it will be harder or impossible to invade the countries that are part of NATO, so they are rattling their nukes again to try and intimidate.
    There is a limit to this sort of blackmail- the West has Nukes too.

    Done being threatened buy Communist Russia. Usa and Nato would destroy Russia and it wouldn't be close or even fare . But thats what Russia wants. We call you bluff bich!FK IT LETS GO TO WAR!
    Done being threatened buy Communist Russia. Usa and Nato would destroy Russia and it wouldn't be close or even fare . But thats what Russia wants. We call you bluff bich!

  6. How long it takes they can be a member of nato? After 10 to 20 years? Then if it takes so long they have same fate in ukriane good luck

  7. In April 1940, the Soviet secret police murdered 21,892 Polish prisoners of war. The men, and one woman, were shot in the back of the head at five killing sites, one of them the Katyn Forest. Only after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 could historians clarify that the mass murder had been the deliberate policy, personally approved by Joseph Stalin.

    History is repeating itself. As long as Putin remains as the megalomaniacal, authoritarian, fascist dictator of Russia, the West must realize that Putin wants to crush the Ukrainian people into one. He says God told him that Ukrainian souls are Russian. History revealed to him that Ukraine strives to be one with Russia; the very language he speaks entitles him to invade any country where Russian is spoken. The harshest sanctions imposed by the West against Russia will not change Putin’s mind for one millisecond. Putin is suffering from the highest levels of obsessive-compulsive disorder and does not care how many people are killed in the process of achieving his goals nor how much the average Russian citizen suffers from Western sanctions. So, don’t hold your breath – even if he goes nuclear!

  8. Can’t blame other countries for wanting to be protected under article 5 of nato membership automatically will guarantee their security and a response from nato if attacked – once a member the motto is an attack on one is an attack on all – good on you Finland and Sweden it’s the correct t choice for the security of your country against threats all the time

  9. Finland and Sweden, do you have no spine and shame like the rest of nato servants ? your american master is using your country, sacrificing your people to do their dirty deeds. have the us and nato indifferently killed enough innocent civilians already ?

  10. Interesting to watch India news groups no longer just taking the Russian side. Hard to ignore the genocidal actions by Russia.

  11. example of inviting war at your country Finland and sweden….lady zelensky in making ……we are also capable of destroying our nation….why should men have all the fun…😈

  12. Whats the problem about security? Finland said "please,keep your ground forces away from the border Russia".Russia said :"1500km okey?" Finland :"Okey". If Finland will be in NATO – its mean that Finland will be counted like "nuclear" country and Russia have to increase security on the border.

  13. When Ukraine asked to join NATO in 2008, the US wanted to let them join, but at the NATO meeting Germany and France blocked them from joining. We need Ukraine in NATO, because they value a strong defense and spend 4% of their gdp on military. Right now only 3 NATO countries spend the minimum requirement of 2% gdp on defense, the US, Poland and the UK. Most of the NATO countries don't even have a military. Belgium spends only 1% gdp on their military and has 35 tanks. Denmark spends 1.4% gdp and has only 57 tanks. When Trump asked Denmark to spend more on their military and start paying their fair share of the costs, their leader said they couldn't, because it would bankrupt their welfare state. Trump told all of them to start spending their fair share or the US was leaving NATO, and they all sneered at him. He also told them to stop buying Russian gas, and they didn't listen to him. In the US we're spending 4% gdp on defense and we have the largest gdp in the world. If the US was not in NATO, Russia would flatten them. It's time for these countries to start valuing a strong military. Now we have Sweden and Finland wanting to join. Finland spends 1.5% of their gdp on defense and Sweden spends 1.2%. We'll be adding more deadbeat countries that we'll be defending which will cost the US, UK and Polish taxpayers more money. We need to tell Finland and Sweden to start spending at least 2% of their gdp and then we'll let them join. We also need to give the other NATO countries an ultimatum to start spending at least the minimum or they'll kicked out. 2% is just the minimum, they should be spending even more than this. NATO in Europe is weak, when it should be strong.

  14. ✌️😊✌️… 🇻🇳🇲🇲🇰🇭🇱🇦🇹🇭🇸🇬🇵🇭🇧🇳🇲🇾🇮🇩

  15. Putin's plan for Russian empire expansion would have neutral countries as first victims. Good move Finland and Sweden.

  16. Finland is beautiful country with solid contribution to technology….the happiest nation of world with best education……the PM is smart and is obviously proud of this beautiful small country….but I hope she is not (making error of judgement) following footsteps of inexperienced leader like zelenski (who is himself now criticizing Nato) to become young female hero for nato n west…..she shud remember war can cost heavily for her "happiest people of world" even if she wins and becomes a hero….ukr is destroyed considerably n people have lost thr lives and families displaced n scarred for life……thats no good and will not be a moment of pride for her to be betting on being a future brave leader of finland for nato n west………be practical and avoid war…stay neutral and not jump to join the bandwagon…Sweden has defense industry conflict of interest…also remember ur decision will undoubtedly have severe impact (just like ukr decision has) on world economic, geopolitical stability, inflation all of which have severe effect on more than 5bn underprivileged population in Southern part of world (south america, Africa, Asia) combined population is several 100 times ur population of 6mn…may peace prevail and may Russia calm down and be wise….

  17. Joining NATO is better than being neutral, but smaller members are not 100% safe from Russian bullying, look at the Baltic states, Russia is constantly bullying them and using their Russian speaking people to destabilize the country just like Ukraine.

  18. It's obvious that being in NATO is safer than outside NATO, as Ukraine has shown.
    To ensure peace, every European nation should therefore join NATO.

  19. If the war started because Ukraine wanted to join NATO, why would you want to instigate further chaos by doing the same!!!

  20. If Uraina Nato want Win .. ,America must attack oil Oilfield of VietNam and Buy Oilfield of VietNam if lose War in Uraina Soon .If not want weak America -NaTo.Act Now ,because if wait all World will die soon. There's no other way

  21. Since Putin want to use nuclear card then NATO should surround Russia with nuclear weapons who win upper hands.

  22. If Russia continues to attack all countries, then it is time to show Moscow its place in hell, but Russia should think twice because Sweden and Finland have a lot of military emigrants from the Balkans.

  23. I'm a Swede. It has been a terrible decision not to join NATO. Sweden has the communist party (Vänsterpartiet), that didn't want to send military help to Ukraine. They don't want to join NATO either. They are a shame to Sweden. Communists in Sweden should be deported to Russia or North Korea.

  24. So intelligent, beautiful and young PMs, India can never think of such young and beautiful ladies politician. ❤


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