Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Thank you for this Study and praying for you and your beautiful family! May Yahuah bring fire upon the wicked that are coming up against you!! I appreciate all you and Mrs.TCA are doing! Love you all ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’œโค

  2. very well articulated and explained presentation based off the good book there was no doubt a hot button subject matter being discussed thus don't get triggered get delivered in the power of knowledge i think a big one lately is when people hear the conversation about multi cultural blended families all of us today have different nationalities in us because of many factors thus there was a time in history that if a person shared this one particular mixed drop of blood that is what defined them socially thus only my opinion that children being raised in this manner should be proud of that heritage and embrace it as both sides of their families should honor it point being today's young adults that are raised in this kind of household will not identify with themselves whitewashing their dna because it has been proven for example if there are two children different genders parsay of mixed parents one white one black the opposite will happen the daughter will choose a partner of her father ethnicity and the son of his mother race or vice versa now take into account that most mixed parents don't stay together what happens self-hate in that child the hippie counterculture failed or did it do as intended lastly to add clarification about a different matter i believe our bodies are our most sacred temples therefore our diets are very important yet most people rely on grocery stores for food now do you know how that meat was produced/processed or where it came from thus i think it is very important that people inter under overstander the fabrication of animals before eating flesh because it contained a living life if a person can afford then go to a meat market butcher at least they follow the basic guidelines eat more plants fruits and vegetables for vitality in ending sometimes i think judah and levi represent moses and aaron division among the diaspora and alkebulanians today unite

  3. so family could it be that the most high is allowing these wicked nations who go up in the sky, see what he wants them to see which is nothing really and this is what they report back down here nothing, just endless infinity of space, could it be because i have wondered and pondered on this, because all they are trying to do is to be like the most high same their daddy did..

  4. family i get what you are saying about the marriage issue but remember also that the most high is also raising to himself gentile as well okay with that being said you do have a duty to place an alert out there, and also that we did not know nothing about this word at all so it is truly his spirit beaming down for us to even consider this truth and which it is the chosen hear it well but certain thing that are put together by the most high family that we cannot say nothing about family, this is what i will say on that, so let's be careful, for all the glory is to the most high do not forget this , it is not up to us to say who shall be this and that but only him, i say this humbly, but also what you are saying is also important though alright no doubt, many trumpets are being blown at this time we are living, but truth is coming from all the ones he has ordained in his time to have his spirit for good and also for bad family so lets be very careful, is all i will say.
    we are all right with his spirit but also very very wrong as well, be very careful family, thats for all who even understand this truth …out of love i say this to us only period..ALL GLORY IS TO THE CREATOR THAT'S IT.

  5. Forgive me but ironic for brother Polight to make that statement at all with his current allegationsโ€ฆ the enemy doesnโ€™t sleep.. they hang on every wordโ€ฆElohim help us all.

  6. Itโ€™s really funny how they use their โ€œspinologyโ€ to make it seem like Mal was talking about the congregation he was talking about the priesthood wow smh

  7. If Yah condoned "Grabbing women" and (Humbling them) at any age cause you favored them, then that means he automatically condones lust, covetousness, selfishness, theft and adultery by default. It amazes how people manage to actually invent doctrines and then genuinely strive to back it with Scripture.

  8. Funny though, what's really ironic is that black, white unions are Not the highest interracial unions on the rise in the US. The highest interracial union on the rise here in the US and in Europe is that between a white man and an Asian woman. That particular union far exceeds the unions between blacks and whites of any direction. Many many Asian women are kicking their own brother Asian men counterparts to the curb for a white man again and again! Apparently Asian women are sprung for white men.


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