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Comment (33)

  1. Hallelhuyah to you both of you guys [ team watchmen ] in this awakening I bought the apocrypha books because of your ministry .

  2. HalleluYah Brother Watchman Yahu,Sister DeborahYah &ur beautiful family bless youse & I love ur teachings youse teach the truth &I missed youse as well…now I know why….you guys were moving…."Father Yah" is blessing youse all the time HalleluYah

  3. Great to hear from you all again family , Yah has truly blessed us with your ministries. May he continue to guide and bless you in all you do. Shalom

  4. Please family humble yourselves seek The Most High and cry out to YAHUAH while begging that he find u worthy and that he brings his healing hand among us all while delivering his judgement to those who don’t want his correcting hand of judgement

  5. Yah bless you, I think you are a beautiful example of a man and a woman together and loving one another and your family, and how you love YAH so much and you share it with others, to YAH be the GLORY All Praises To The Most High…

  6. Blessings and peace be to you your family and your ministry , congrats on having a successful move, I've learned a lot from following your ministry, my eyes are open to alot of things, you two are the type of people that I wouldn't mind having as friends because your positive people
    Just like me, hallelujah to the most high God, Shalom my brother and sister.

  7. It is so nice to hear from both of you. It encourages us to continue, but we would have to continue moving forward. Blessings, Favor and love to you and your family!

  8. May Yahuah continue to bless you. You all have helped me tremendously in my awakening.
    Praise Yah in Yahusha's name.

  9. no no i thank you, MY FAMILY, there are no words, i just love you so much, and so appreciate your time, truth, bravery, and love, you didn't have to do these things but you did, so blessed to have you,, praise YAH. I AM SO HAPPY, lol thank you…. kiss the babies…

  10. Always in my heart and on my mind, Watchman Yahu and Sister Deborah YAH! Your love emanates thru your videos, and I receive it; and return it 10 fold!❤

  11. Yes, you’re such a blessing to us and I know you and you Lovely wife has been through so much lately! I pray for you and Family, YAH sent you to us to help Educate Us . Please if you do anything with your services in person, I am a real believe of the MOST HIGH! I know you have to be conscious of wicked, Evil 😢people. Please be encourage don’t stop doing what you believe in and helping people! So if you do anything like a convention , please remember Me and where I can E-mail you? Thank you my address is 👍🏾😊🌻❤️🦋


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