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Comment (24)

  1. Thank you both for your faithfulness your such a blessing. They trying to get me to return to the Pentecostal church which is failing miserably. Pray Yah help me remain in his Sabbath rest…

  2. I have to ask you both this ,
    With all your studying and knowledge
    What does all scripture say about remarriage
    My belief is , remarriage is adultery
    You are only free when the one spouse dies
    Please respond , people overlook this
    I know moses permitted divorce , but how can you break a covenant of marriage that is bound in heaven?
    No one wants to talk about this controversial subject
    Please I need your help , I feels so lonely but I don't want to commit adultery, I am married about to get divorced , 😢

  3. Thank God for yall I love how y'all on one accord teaching nd preaching the word of God. May God bless y'all a hundred fold and then some in JESUS MAME AMAN!

  4. Happy Sabbath, Can you please do a lesson on "What not to do on the Sabbath", also can you elaborate on the proper attire for a Hebrew woman and man, as well as how women need their head to be covered while praying and receiving or giving instruction, and men not wearing a head covering…with scripture edification. Thank you for all you do. Halleluyah!

  5. HalleluYah!! TodahYah for this Ministry and may AbbaYah bless those that support this Ministry. Hearing how elder D MD saved for a year touched my heart too!! May Yahuah, King of Yahsra'El bless elder D MD, HalleluYah!! Todah Family, love you and Shalom.

  6. Shalom. Watchman Reports have help put me on the right track of knowledge. I thank Yah the Son and Holy Spirit for guiding me to the Truth. But now I need the book you all are learning from. Please tell what book and where I can get it ASAP in my life. Blessings to you both. Shalom

  7. My friend wants to be Baptize. How does she goes about that? Also, if I been baptized in Christianity does that count or I need to get baptized again?

  8. In one of your teachings you said Yahweh died on the cross and you explain the reason for being born again he made a way for all mankind that is correct right?


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