The 6 Most Powerful Weight Loss & Anti Cancer Foods G BOMBS Part II

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  1. This is so true the foods we need is right in front of us but these devils put so much lies n detractions in front of us it ridiculous and it’s so simple all our nutrients in nourishments come from beans ,fruits,and my favorite leafy greens ,flaxseed chiaseeds,6-8glass of purified water 💦,also plenty of exercise calisthenics,running,walking,jogging,push-ups ,pull-ups,sit-ups,dips,let’s not forget the proper rest to rejuvenate ur body. But first the most important steps of all is pray to father yah to give u the strength to begin and finish with out the fathers blessings it’s all pointless minister of well is the truth for real he’s giving people million dollar advice for free and His fee to come see u is incredible people charge thousands sometimes hundreds of thousands for meetings in advice may yah keep blessing this man

  2. Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom to keep us healthy ,wealthy(being a daughter of Zion) and wise!! keep up the good work brother!!!

  3. Is that a recent picture of jazz music legend Randy Brecker in your video's thumbnail?… Either way, very nice transition.

  4. I was asked for information for a 5 year old little boy, who have been put on chemo without checking the child platets level and he was in the hospital unconscious for a few days, but he's home now, but the doctor said his liver look good, but another doctor request more test. Will these same foods work for him?

  5. Thank you Brother MOW, for doing
    what Abba Father has assigned
    you to do. The body has many
    functions, and if one part is not
    functioning correctly, the body
    starts to fall. Again thank you
    for giving the information we
    need, to come back to where Abba
    Father meant for us to be!

  6. Hey I didn't know you reside here in St Louis! Can you recommend some places and stores I can shop at that are affordable to buy healthy foods? I know about whole foods but they're a little pricey for me. I like & go to Aldi but I would like other choices as well. Also do you go to Bible studies here? I would like to find somewhere besides Israelite nation in U-City on Olive. Thank you for your help and videos. Shalom!

  7. Great video, thanks for posting. Also, a side note for Hebrew women, PLEASE, stop using deodorants with aluminum. Our skin was made to release toxins through sweat which is why your underarms sweat. Slathering on deodorant with aluminum, clogs those pores and glands with toxins near your breast area. Those toxins can set up all kinds of health issues including breast cancer.

    There are several natural alternatives that you can use instead of aluminum deodorant: Coconut Oil, Milk of Magesium, Dampend Mineral Stones, etc.


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