The 7 seals of Revelation have already started, the end is near!

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  1. I was led to your video today and after praying about it, I needed to say that I was saddened by parts of your message. I am still learning about our Heavenly Father YAHuwah and I am sure that I will spend more time reading his words, but in Psalms 82:6 did he not tell us that we are all the children of the most high? Didn't Yahusha tell us to love one another, pray for our enemies, to forgive and not judge others? Your message shed light on many aspects that I had not thought about. Prejudice in particular, forgive me if I am wrong in the understanding of your message, but didn't Peter address this issue in the book of Acts with the other disciples ? I did not grow up under prejudice, so I find it difficult for any of us in the church of Yahusha to feel this way, I hope that I have misunderstood. Could you please clarify this for me. Bless you all in Yahusha's precious name!!!

  2. Shalom. I am not sure what has changed, but some of your more recent videos have lots of dead space in them. Would it be feasible to record video while in a different audio only live setting? Later, post your audio with video footage so that everything can be seen from your broadcast. So, the only "live" thing experienced initially would be audio. Later, you could add video and any useful visuals. It might prevent your having a lot of down time. That dead space makes it difficult to study with you and focus on the message.

  3. People please understand that we are not getting out of this hell hole until we start working together. We are misleading each other by saying that we are hebrew israelites. We are the Indigenous people of the Americas. History has been twisted to confuse us and lead us astray. We are prisoners on our own lands. You have to think outside the box to figure this out

  4. I think, as someone rightly suggested, you guys should have a secondary camera set up during your Shabbat services to strictly record alongside the webcam because it seems that where you are now, the connection is not very strong.. So even when the live feed goes out, you can still continue the lesson and upload from the second camera… Just a thought….

  5. Russia has the technology to bring on a EMP attack on the American people, apparently their technology could shut down all of America's electrical gadgets. Imagine your fridge freezer going etc. I am going to plant vegetables in my house, instead of outside, meat is not a problem because I do not really like it.

    A car no problem the most high gave me legs. But of course there is other things I would need to consider.

  6. Shalom = D = ( Yahusha Hamashiach said our time is always ready…that's dooms day for us as individuals……collectively the day and hour is not known…Yahusha Hamashiach is going to SHOUT COME UP HERE ..we shall hear and know on THAT day. = D Stay blessed.

  7. Matthew 24:36– But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Abba only. i just want to make sure i'm in line with Yah's law, grace and favor and be acceptable to escape the tribulation.

  8. TMHG is calling his TRUE Israelites back to the promised land of Israel. you all can't hear that call because you are not really ISRAELITES.

  9. YouTube is messing with your videos last time I watched one that kept stopping and showing weird pictures and is doing the same thing

  10. I adore our  wonderful royal family-Enjoying 2017 together.  Yes it feels real good-inspiring.  Oh my-the children sings-does the heart good.  Thankful.

  11. Hi, Do you hold Sabbath services online and what time do you? The biggest challenge is that we hear and get the truth but not sure where to start. We need a starting point where we can refer people to instead of their deceitful Sunday worship.We cant join the Babylonian Judaism either because they are different from the God of Exodus 5:3 Shalom

  12. Good day Brother and Sister! I am from the Caribbean island of Antigua and I have been immensely blessed by your teaching! Lately, I believe that Youtube has been sabotageing your videos. This one just stopped just after it started. Keep praying …Yah MUST prevail against the enemy! Iwill pray for your family everyday! I am awakened. Just a handful of my people over here are awakened to who they really are; sadly, most of them care less about Judah and the House of Israel, but I am praying and asking Yah to strengthen me to spread the gospel over here. Yah has been long-suffering, faithful and merciful unto me during my 30-year unfaithfulness towards him! All praises to him for his chastisement…I have been chastised for 30 odd years but I have finally made it to the complete truth! I am now on a mission to spread Yah's words!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge you have. The message is is given in a positive teaching manner far from what I have been seeing. I want to learn more and was wondering what bible is being read and if there are anymore documents that would help me on my awakening? Thank you again!!!

  14. I love the book of Revelaton I read it when I was younger and it always been a blessing because Yah open my eyes and the preacher don't talk about it because ,I think something is wrong with that picture?

  15. I love this part chapter 6 hid in the bonkers but they want to go to space as if they can really hid from the Most High😀😀


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