The 7 seals of Revelation have already started, the end is near

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  1. Yah lead me here aswell I missed this years ago thankyou father Yah for leading me and giving these wonderful people the knowledge to post this great messages🧕🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. For some reason I feel like I was led to this video and it clarified what I was thinking I'm sure the 6th seal is about to open forever Jesus is blessed amen may you be kept and grow in the faith even more . This earthquake is gonna be huge and people saying this hasn't happened have been miss led

  3. Why are you linking smoking and drinking to intentional sin? Isn't sin transgression of the law? Please help me out family.

  4. I thank you for your videos its opened my eyes to a lot. I have some questions about my Bible I originaly had a Holy Bible my grandma gave me when i was little and it always said Jehova everywhere until one day i say it said and his name is JAH and so i prayed to know his true name and that night i found your videos about what is the real name so i then bought a new one its a PESHITTA and it says the name YAHWEH but the only part that says Jesus Christ is in the small letters in the bottom some times or EL SHADDAI. Im trying to get a CEPHER BIBLE but its kinda expensive for me right now, for the original names not the translations, cuase im really confused about the names if its YAHUAH OR YAHUSHA. And another question is does a person have to be surcumsiced or baptized in order to be saved or can he be saved only by faith even if his name is not clear to him? And another question is how can i be baptized when all the churches over here are either catholics or pentecostals? And if i have done my first comunion in catholic church but i never felt right when they obligated us as kids to bow in front of a statue and where they put the bread. So i left for years and then got into pentecostal. Is it a sin to adore Jesus or Jehova and now since i found that name YAH is it a Sin to adore the same God of my faith but with another name. Or since he did in the tower of babel so that each person would adore him in there own language or belief? Im not a big fan of religion but i do have faith ive acomplished everything ive ever wanted just by having faith and being focused and working hard. But some times no work at all just waiting on the father to guide me and hes saved me from many things. Some times i repent of all my wrong doings. But then i think if i didnt fall or if i didnt commit that sin i would have never learned to get back up and do it right. So should i repent still even if its his will that that happend for me to learn from it..? Sorry for so many questions i would jus like to know your opinnion since you guys seem realy smart in the word of YAH

    Check out this video i dont know if youve seen it

    Heres my email.
    I follow you and all your videos i would love if we could talk some time. Im from Puerto Rico thank you for your time. YAH BLESS YOU AND YOUR WIFE AND FAMILY. THANKS AGAIN

  5. I’ve been watching your videos for some time now and you both are truly a blessing thank you for everything you’re doing!


  6. I forgot the scripture, however, Yah said he'll get them from up there too. He even mentioned the name of one of nasas space ships

  7. Allegedly the Revalation 12 sign was fulfilled September 23, 2017. I looked into it and it sounds and looks accurate….

  8. It's a blessing to hear this teaching again. Because we're in this prophecy now. God bless you and ypur family . Praise Yah!!

  9. I believe we're in the 4th seal. The statement about a measure of wheat for a penny seems like hyper inflation.

  10. now israel these two are in order when someone try and teach me anything they have to have order i've seen these camps personel teaching with their head covered when its clearly going against the statues and when you call them out they get offensive sister deborah and bro watchman are in order for teaching her head is covered and his is uncovered while teaching from the oracles as the scriptures say

  11. who ever posted pertaining to that fake moon landing you are 100% correct this why when i hear these camps trying to teach that this what obadiah is referring to its not its referring to the twelve stars mentioned in the 12chapter of revelation those 12 stars represent the 12 tribes of israel and yes they have made their nest amonst us these devils never left this universe and the most got tired of them and showed it in 1986 with that shuttle blowing up and no can say anything about their so called technology when in 1986 the technology was 10 times better than in 1969 so any one that thinks are trying to teach this lie really don,t know the most high no matter with their claim of keeping the commandments for anyone teaching lies are not in the truth

  12. There among us and don't want the truth to spread so your going to experience technical problems lol this is there world that we've tapped in to for the hood of Yah there not happy. It's to be exspected. I'm learning that through my own life challenges

  13. Let’s also know the 7 seals are also the 7 chakras within us, the kingdom of God is within us! Luke 17:20-21 this is why we need to meditate as Christ was saying if thine eye be single your body will be filled with light! God is light! Much love ❤️ be blessed!


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