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Comment (42)

  1. Shittlins were design to shorten the lifespan of the slaves.BUT in these modern times;stiffnecks choose to keep eatin the slave diet. Slaves should have went vegan.That is still pig,feces.And parasites.

  2. I am from Charleston South Carolina currently staying in Charleston South Carolina and we are seafood fanatics.. however when it comes to wisdom as you grow you know to let certain seafood go. One thing we're not down here in the South doing is frying and cooking up roaches. This is the first of my knowledge that something like this even goes on. Plus there are a lot of bad eating habits everywhere and there are a lot of seafood lovers all over the United States…

  3. Once I learned that that those animals were forbidden I immediately cut them off from my diet. Abba command first in my life.

  4. Read 1 Timothy 4:1-9. Is it the best thing to eat, maybe not, but at one point in the history of American Descendants of Slavery they had no choice about what they could eat, even some now..

  5. 👍You are 100% right my brother!🕎 shalom🕎!!🖐️stop eating 🍽️ out of the 🛢️garbage can🛢of this world!! ✌️family️!!!👌

  6. Yall forgot Christ Jesus changed all that and told the world to pray upon eating what ever we choose, AS IT IS WRITTEN HAVE FAITH HE SAID

  7. pretty sure in Mathew YaHoWaH will be known as Jehovah God advises us to trust him as the birds do and not fret about what we eat. in Genesis Yah gave us command of the domestic animals, birds, fishes .. plants and seeds.. so Jehovah God basically said smoke a joint and eat a bacon burger.. Jesus said have a little wine .. (there is already (sweet canynis/sweet canibus .. with 13 points/buds .. whose leaves will heal you") in Jesus' healing oil.. IF YOU KNOW THEM ..

  8. Smh @ some of the comments. Folks are quoting scriptures taken out of context (which have nothing to do with the specific dietary laws TMH laid out for HIS people) and using them to try to justify their blatant disregard of Yah's dietary laws. If u want to eat what is NOT to be eaten, knock urself out but don't try to hide behind nonexistent "scriptures" u claim says otherwise. Yah's laws are FOREVER, that includes what not to eat. And when the time comes to explain to TMH why u broke his laws u won't be able to say u didn't know because u DID and chose to do what u wanted to do anyway. A stiff-necked people for sure. Put the pork down, spit out the shrimp and get some sense. APTTMHY🙏.

  9. The English Royal family aren't allowed to eat shell fish. Not allowed whatsoever because they are seen as too important. That in itself should tell you not eat shell fish

  10. I was just looking up raccoon Saturday and noticed that crawdaddys, and crawfish was on the list to research and what their diets are. They are not healthy for you to eat.

  11. I agree especially today we must wake up , was it evil when the slaves had no other choice. Or didn’t know anything.

  12. Great channel! I hope you’d like my channel too! Let me know if you'd like to support each other 💯🙂

  13. Hold up Hold up say man im from Alabama and I have never heard of nobody BBQing no roaches. Don't do us like that, true some of the food shouldn't be eaten. But you supposed to be in truth, so you should know why our food was like that. It wasn't by choice, but it became choice.

  14. Even a child knows chitlins' are bad! They smell like Hasatan when cooked in the house! Yahuah rebuke you Hasatan for making our families believe they need to keep this foul tradition!

  15. I am just bothered by the satanic hand symbols. You should be more conscious of it being a representation of THE MOST HIGH. The enemy uses the same hand symbols. Just had to point that out

  16. I kind of understand about unclean foods but I would like to state that I am African raised in Africa born here and a lot of tribes out here and its been part of certain African cultures to eat certain crawling insects hunt rabbits,keep and farm ducks and pigeons for food and its not white pple that brought that to Africa we've been doing that for centuries living of the land an honest African will tell you the only unclean food on this earth is food made in a lab GMO's

  17. This is very serious what he's telling us is so unbelievably important if anybody give this guy a thumbs down then they themselves are just animals

  18. the g uys and women that partake in those things they should not be eating are doing the same thing our forefathers did to us with breaking the most high law do they not no that eating thgese things goes into their offsprings from the poison in that seed stop warring with the most high he knows about these things he ordained for us not to consume or he would,nt have warned us of these effects stop eating it for 3 months and see your health change i did and will never partake in any of it ever again i leave it for the heathens

  19. It's not what goes in it comes out the mouth that defiled us. We are not under the mosiatic law. Rules given to them concerning hooded animals..Jesus said it's what come out the mouth. You dint eat swine but do all other forms of sin. Don't put it in the swine cook and eat..if worms are in it boil all worms will be cooked. Worms in some fish cook well worms cooked.


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