The Age of Deception: Deceiving, and being deceived

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  2. Shalom Family , I needed this Soo Much ! Because I feel deceived these days about what Africa was trying to do to us even tho its happening here too .it is darkness all Around us! We need the light of the spirit very Much family .We also Need to keep praying for Yah to help us with deceptions like things like this happening to us Right Now ! We Need to stay right in this Word ! U are right on.Ty .Shalom to u n your Family.

  3. Shabbat Shalom Family!! Earlier today I was speaking on “Black Friday!!” I f we were unitized Black Friday would be HISTORIFF!! Set-Up! I thank FATHER YAH for you both Sis. Deborah and Bro. Watchman, I really Appreciate what you doing!

  4. You know I got the Cepher can’t pronounce the names
    How do we find out what some of the words mean
    Like Talminiym what is that
    HELP ?
    Watchmen we need a little help here

  5. I have been telling Kanye West from year to be careful .something will happen to him every a NEGRO marry one of those gals ! Look what happen to Odom! ! And they throw him to the curve after he got sick.he had none of the! !! Now look at K .in the same shape O was in ! He isn't awaken at ALL !! Something is Missing with him — I think its his Soul !! Poor guy.

  6. I am concerned about why you all say Yah and not Yahweh, Also the Isreal United In Christ still teach jesus. can you give me clarity on any of this?? Sister Hannah Yahuliah Bot Yahweh, I am not a neofite, I am wanting to understand better what you are expressing. Praise Yahweh!!!

  7. Psa you were born Jacob you must focus your energy on becoming a son of Yah following the lead of Abba. Be wheat be sheep!!! HallaluYah!!!

  8. I do not think that all are perfect in their inspiration as it relates to the creator Yah- Yahweh. Nor do I think we are designed to our one understanding of how Yahweh will choose to use his children to bring bout his desired effect. What I am certain of is Yahweh's will be done, according to his order. Thank you both for your hard work and do not become tired of publishing the name. Always looking to hear your classes latter and new. Praise Yahweh!!

  9. Hello Watchman Report i have a Question for you Brother " Do you believe that the Earth is Flat? and why dont talk about it"?.

  10. Now I have a question. God is allowing my eyes to be opened little by little but when I try to talk to my husband about it, he’s not hearing any of it. I have stopped going to church bc I think the church is being deceived in so many ways. But my husband and children don’t understand it. What can I do to help them see it? My kids are 14 and 11 and both getting ready to be another year older. I just don’t know how to make them understand or how to even talk to them. Is this something I’m going to have to pray that Yah will open their eyes before it’s too late??

  11. Please know, I do not have a controversity with the name Yah, also know I am aware that there was no letter J, thereby excepting Yah. Keep on doing this good work, in teaching the laws of Yahweh-Yah. Praise Yahweh!!!! I really enjoy these classes.

  12. Even though My personal Knowing is different I don't mind taking in what's useful for Self , thanks for sharing elders much appreciated. #adapt in the making

  13. Absolutely watchman! Yah is in complete control. We must dwell in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty until He delivers us!

  14. Hey guys, I really love what you are doing and I have been watching your videos and they really help. I actually would like to be trained or taught to be a watchman. Do you do that? I would love to be one outside of your son. Im also considering getting Roestta stone to learn Hebrew.

  15. The Most High doe's take care of babies and the fool, So there's a choice of how you want to be taken care of or treated, Peace and many blessings to you and the family. M8brave

  16. Blessings to you both!!!
    I have a question.
    As I was coming up, I was taught the rapture. The word rapture is no where in scripture. Do you a video in regards to this?

  17. I am going to tell you now , so that when this is all over and we are in Gods kingdom prepared for us that , You are my favorite Couple. and we will talk about these times and how we learned together on the Earth. and what we are going though now will seem like Nothing . To God be the Glory.

  18. Natural flavors equate to aborted fetal tissue being used for flavoring. Many big name companies are putting it in packaged and fast foods. They're trying to get us to defy the Most High Yah by "feeding" us blood unknowingly…. forced cannibalism SMH

  19. So true even after realizing i was a sinner and decided to live right according to scripture i tried to justify a relationship because i wanted. Thank abba Yahuah compassion brought me out when i repented

  20. the social construct of perception engeneering….thru drugs sexual adictiction gambiling, etc and all mechanism set in to motion which has cause our people…to .trade in their inheritance for glittering traditions and addicted insatiable APPETITE & Lust for the pursuit of Mammon….of this evil World ORDER…


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