Youtube (owned by you know who) based (you know where) is elevating charlatans to misappropriate, mislead or misrepresent collective history usually at the expense of a particular group from a particular place. This video is to highlight evidences in these initiatives and for the viewer to decide if there is a link or not.

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8
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  1. I feel like it’s real simple lol, if you are black you are among the family. If you not black you ain’t got NOTHING to do with us. Not saying all black people come from the same continent. But these people stay stealing our history, it’s simple if you ain’t black STFU!

  2. I know thy tribulation and thy poverty (But thou art rich) And I know the blasphemy of those that say they are Jews and are not but are of the synagogue of the Satans

  3. You know, as I was homeschooling this week, my child was learning about US history, specifically the Spanish who lived in Florida. I was never taught in school about Fort Mose in St. Augustine. I couldn’t help but think about the Hidden Hebrews Docu-series and the Spanish Inquisition. This fort was founded by the Spanish and was noted the first free black settlement. Also noted, the King of Spain offered amnesty to escaped slaves in that settlement as long as they converted to Catholicism. 🤔🤔🤔 I hated history growing up but it’s become one of my favorite subjects.

  4. Shabbat shalom. Many blessings, family. AHGPTTMH👏🏿Thank you Mr. and Mrs. TCA for such an amazing video. I learned alot about my own Indian mixture. Also, You was dead on it brother because yeah, you matched them up really good. We are all the result of mixing, which TMH said don't mix with them. Yah, please have mercy. We all are part of and the results of the generational curse.

  5. This video is so true it can't be denied thank you for exposing all the false prophets I never believed anything they said either, I know who came over on those slave ships and I didn't see any other color come over here but black people men women and children.

  6. This info is clearly evidence of the reason Yah restricted the inter-mingling of Israelite seed with the Canaanite’s and other pagan nations. This DNA is obstructive to our connection to our Heavenly Father as we can clearly see the spiritual warfare that going on among our people even now. It is clearly stated in the book of Enoch chapter 98:14 “Woe to you who despise the extent of the everlasting inheritance of your fathers while your souls follow after idols. For you there shall be no tranquility”. What does it profit a man to gain the world but to lose his soul?

  7. 44:2844:46 I've been telling them.

    Go to ANY "Latin American" country and see how badly and racist these so-called hispanics treat the AFRO-Latinos.

    This racism and tyranny against the AFRO-Latinos doesn't just happen in Puerto Rico.

    It happens in every single "Latin American" country.

    Then these same hispanics will turn around and STEAL AFRO-Latino music and dance such as Salsa, Tango, Merengue (dance), lambada (dance), reggaetone, etc.

    ALL created by AFRO-Latinos… who inherited their rhythm and creativity for dance and music directly from AFRICA!

  8. The people hate Africa so bad but they never show their DNA they claim they native and not from the continent but I can guarantee that they DNA will say they came from west-Africa or Bantu movement.

  9. I give them All, Nuff Thumbs UP My Opinion and what I see, it looks 👀👀👀 like the blood lines continues like YAH said it would. Just saying. B Blessed family.💙💙💙.

  10. That’s why I’m so confused with the camps because my oral tradition tells me I’m Bassa/Kru an the scriptures 1Esdras 5:16 say we come from Judah so how can you hate me, just because we reside in west Africa now but were in Brazil and the West Indies also. I just don’t understand the hate from them sometimes we all figuring it out so it just pretty sad to me.

  11. It’s important to show who all people are biblically.

    Israelites (so-called Negroes)
    Idumeans (so-called White people)
    Ishmaelites (so-called Arabs)
    Hamites (so-called Africans)
    Asshur (so-called Kurds)
    Elamites (so-called East Indians)
    Japhites (so-called Hispanics, so-called Native Americans, so-called Persians, so-called Turks, so-called Samoans, so-called central Asians, and so-called Australian Aborigines)
    Medianites (so-called Armenians)

    This clears up all the confusion for everybody because we’re not “Native Americans” or any other heathen. We’re the children of Israel and all 12 tribes are so-called Negroes. The southern Kingdom of Judah went into captivity under the Idumeans during the Trans Atlantic Slavetrade, and the northern Kingdom of the house of Israel went into captivity under the Ishmaelites during the Arab Slavetrade. That’s why the northern Kingdom will be regathered from Assyria (northern Iraq to southeastern Turkey), Egypt (lower or northern Egypt), Pathros (upper or southern Egypt), Cush (Sudan), Hamath (Syria), Shinar (southern Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, U.A.E, and Saudi Arabia), Elam (Iran to India), and the island of the sea (the Mediterranean Sea). The southern Kingdom will be regathered from the four corners of the earth, as Isaiah 11:11-12 says and both nations will be one nation again under Christ (Ezekiel 37). The 1/3 are returning to the Lord and the 2/3 will are the rebels that’s going to be purged out in the wilderness.


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