The Ancient Ungrateful spirit of the people of the Most High, Bible Study Spirit Food

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  2. This is truly a self check study! I appreciate this Brother Watchman and Sis Deborah. The Ruach led me to stop and watch this study when I had plans to do something else. YAHUAH is good so good and his mercies endure forever even when Israel smell like open sores to him He is still good!!! Hallelujah!!! I now know to pay attention to the small things in my life that don't seem to matter to me but it matters to him. I will be grateful with all things! I will bless Yahuah at all times his praise shall continually be in my mouth! Hallelujah Praise Yahuah!!!!!! Shalom family!!!

  3. That additive of our people towards YAH is horrendous, I read the Old Testament on how they did nothing but complained, I was ashamed of my people, for being this way I could hardly believe their additude, thank you famliy for this lesson!

  4. These are the same soul who returned in the final days to repent, but they continued in evil it’s a sad thing. Ley us now pray the Father to cut them lose from the evil that abaund them and bring them in the Light🙏🏿

  5. TMH Yah knew this b efore we were but yet, He still chose us to be His people. HallaluYah!!!!! We are a sick people. You tell us to go right but we go left. I'll say it again…'s gonna take His intervention to fix us!!!

  6. Amazing teaching!!! Thank you; this is confirmation. Be Thankful for all things especially during trials. Most High Uplift your family!

  7. All praises to The Most High!!! This video was a wake up call for many. Blessings to the both of u!!! Shalom ✌

  8. Baruch 4:1-6,15,25
    [1]This is the Booke of the commandements of YAH: and the Law that endureth for euer: all they that keepe it shall come to life: but such as leaue it, shall die.
    [2]Turne thee, O Jacob, & take heed of it: walke in the presence of the light therof, that thou mayest be illuminated.
    [3]Giue not thine honour to another, nor the things that are profitable vnto thee, to a strange nation.
    [4]O Israel, happie are wee: for things that are pleasing to YAH, are made knowen vnto vs.
    [5]Be of good cheare, my people, the memoriall of Israel.
    [6]Ye were sold to the nations, not for [your] destruction: but because you moued YAH to wrath, ye were deliuered vnto the enemies.
    [15]For he hath brought a nation vpon them from far: a shamelesse nation, and of a strange language, who neither reuerenced old man, nor pitied childe.
    [25]My children, suffer patiently the wrath that is come vpon you from YAH: for thine enemy hath persecuted thee: but shortly thou shalt see his destruction, & shalt tread vpon his necke.

  9. The older generations have failed the younger generations. How can we as adults expect our children to be uprights when they have seen us acting the ways of the wicked. And some of us are teaching the kids wicked ways.

  10. HALLELUYAH, brother watchman you are right on time with this message. I just, this morning CRYING OUT TO TMH. BOUT THIS APTTMH! FOR YOU BROTHER WATCHMAN AND SISTER DEBORAH FOR THIS CONFIRMATION, HALLELUYAH!

  11. Peace beyond to my people.
    I was looking at this service and i started to wondering since Yah put his people in hands of the wicked because Israel was disobedient then how can he Revenge his people from innocent deaths when Father Yah put us here to be punish by the wicked. After listen to this service and other services it sounds like Israel just tick Father Yah off and the wicked only doing what Father Yah allow them to do to us.
    This only a opinion from the outside looking inn.
    Peace beyond to my people

  12. Shalom! Thank you so much for this lesson. It's one thing to be the children of Yah and another thing to know the bitter truth. Your teaching is always so true to the core, thank you again.

  13. This is what The Son of God (The Word of God according to Rev. 19:12-13) taught:
    1. Forsake (abandon) all you own.
    2. Preach the Gospel (Jesus' teachings).
    3. Seek first the kingdom of God.
    4. Pray in secret.
    5. Love your enemies.
    6. Forsake (abandon) all of your family and your life.
    7. Do not use titles (Sir, Mr., Mrs., Apostle, Master, Doctor, Ma'am, Reverend, Holy, Highest, etc.)
    8. Give alms (money or food given to poor people) secretly.
    Jesus meant what he said literally.

  14. Family I'm having issues at work. They make me work the Sabbath is there a letter i can get or something. I been keeping Shabbat since i came into the truth but this job won't honor it. What can i do?

  15. This was an awesome lesson! YAH bless you both.. definitely makes you take spiritual examination and inventory of yourself. Thank you YAH for speaking through them..!!


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