The Angels of Yah are a TERR0R to the LawIess

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Comment (20)

  1. Salem 🙌🏾✊🏾💪🏾 @Fam …. nothing but Love En blessings !! Saleh !!!! Stay favored en blessed up strong … !! Salem 🙌🏾

  2. The Elohim that Religion taught us is not the correct one, I know for sure.
    What's not to love about Yah? Though He may slayed me (by allowing trials) I still love him.
    His ways are just, his judgement balanced.

  3. People think they can mess with God; and its alright- say what? Even mere human beings don't like to be messed with; and people think they can mess with the Most High, they don't know who they're messing with!?????

  4. Now Yah's heaven is here on earth. Any group of people who's not doing well on earth here, are being punished by Yah? You Just supporting the ideas of the kkk, that says black people are to be enslaved, killed and maimed as that's part of doing Yah's work. Milk and honey of this world,is of satan.

  5. I enjoy your documentary. And the videos ms Deborah do. But your husband she be the only teacher . Why? Do you all not honor women should be silent.



  8. Angel's perform Yahs word. Psalms 103:20 Obeying the voice of His Word. Although Angels are not our friends, as we read Yahs Word, they obey the voice of His Word, only

  9. Yes This a massive turn around upon the Evil ones of the world .. just look around the world .. isrealites ,, Do not , respond to any wickedness ,, in this world even if its in your 0wn Familys are Neghbours
    So called friends .. anyone are anything ,, give thanks because it, is Yhahawa & The Angels that fight for us,.. No need to take revenge upon, a single ,.person are thing , for rapidly in its close season will reap , what they have sown ..
    Do Not Defile , your hands upon them .. but give thanks for there Hate towards you ) ..
    Keep yourself Spiritually clean & prayers ,, Extremly Tight .. close close to yhahawa yhawahshi..
    Morning noon.. afternoon Evening & at night ..
    Nothing can trouble YOU but All & Everything ,will be in Your Blessed ,intrest Amen

  10. I remember my so call friends tried to get me to smoke weed and I would say know over and over but one night they offered weed to me I said no but then got it and smoked it and later I would find out they put cocaine in it see I was never one of those who followed what others do so when I found out they did this to me on purpose I was done with them forever and the sad thing was we all grew up together form the age of 6 yrs old I couldn't believe they hated me that much but it is what it is.

  11. You not lying at all about more of our ppl turning to witchcraft and calling themselves Gods/Godess and claiming to be these creatures it’s sooo crazy! Calling themselves god when any lil thing could take them out at ANYTIME. I also see so much pride and I can’t lie I was starting to get prideful in some areas with my pride Yah humbled me and I’m sooooo glad bc I see clearer now that it will only lead to destruction.🔥 Glory be to Yah! Thank y’all so much for this much needed message to Yahs ppl❤️❤️❤️

  12. I went 20 years believing this Christian lie, I thought was the truth. I opened my eyes to the truth, researched the scriptures along with history and I am learning the truth and the heavenly father Yahweh.

  13. I remember the first time I saw it, I didn't know what it was. Some time later, but not that long, I found out it was "crack". My parents lucky had plans to leave that town to a blessed one.

  14. Deborah Yah since like you I am a child of slaves a bit of education for you. I have visited or lived in almost all countries of Africa. Your analysis of Africa is based upon books and white people's propaganda. Let me say this the Spirit of the GOD of Abraham Yahuwah Alahym is many times stronger in Africa than it is in the white mans world, it is the continent of the GOD of Ibrahim Isaac and Yakob. Do you know that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church came out of Penetecost and is the oldest Church in the world. Do you know that the oldest bible in the world is the Geez Ethiopian bible with old and new testament with all the books of the king James and all the Apocrypha from 4AD. The dark powers in the West are a 1,000 time stronger in the USA and Europe than it is in Africa. It is so strong it has blinded the eyes of African Americans so instead of working with their African brothers to build up the land of milk and honey African Americans spend all their lives kissing former slave masters refusing to take their freedom. Because the Spell is so STRONG…. Wake up Deborah Yah if you have not already done so! Take a trip to Africa Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria first. You will never understand until you set foot on Africa and touch it with your spirit and senses. Of course you will find dark powers but the power of God is Real, Tangible, and True in Africa. It is where I go to get real close to GOD. I write to you you out of love not rebuke.


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