THE BIO WAR AGAINST BLACK HEALTH Interview With The Minister Of Wellness Ministries

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  1. Brotha Watchman And Sis Deborah! Thank You For The Encouragement! And Shout Out And Peace And Blessings To Brotha And Sista Jordan! What Our People Don't Understand That Yah Is Our Creator And Our Father He Knows What's Best For His Children And Has Already Been Provided For Us Through Spirit And Nature, Instead Of Depending On Our Enemies, When Visiting The Doctor In The Beast System They Give You A Prescription: Take 1 Pill 3 Times A Day Till Finished! (Death!), The Most High Yah Created Us And Gave Instructions: Pray 3 Times A Day With Faith, Love, Belief, And Patience Until You Reach The Eternity! Halleluyah!! Shalom Family! And A Harvest Of Blessings To You All!!!🥰

  2. "He that is the secret place of the Most High…"–Psalm 91(KJV). These ppl are introducing a draft of a policy from the W.H.O., which during future pandemics and sticks, every country that signs that document, all health systems will be under the authority of the W.H.O. That will give the W.H.O. global authority in every country that signs it, to operate in, set policies, lockdowns, etc, including mandatory sticks. Biden says that he's going to sign it.
    Thank you all for this video bc it is vital in these last days bc we need to put our trust in the Most High. Dr. Sebi created a product line for natural cures and they killed him by arresting him for carry a certain amount of money. When he was released from jail, he died.

  3. Yall must gone ship the fruits and vegetables from a special garden or something 🤔? Yall know these fruits and veggies are GMO foods. They are dead and without seed. The word say yah gave every herb bearing seed. How yall website gone help. This coming off scammish fam. So tell me something.

  4. I was reminded of some biblically based information recently. In the Bible, priests often wore ‘Linen’. After researching it recently, I found that this fabric IS RESTORATIVE. It carries a frequency of 5000 mHz. The same is true for Wool. That’s apart of why the Bible says not to mix them.

    The interesting fact about these 2 fabrics is that Linen’s energy signature travels from Right-to-Left (like the Hebrew language). For Wool, it travels Left-to-Right. When they are put together, they cancel each other out AND the person wearing them will become ill. I inadvertently experienced this when I put my wool winter coat on while wearing a linen crocheted bracelet. My ear started hurting.

    Separately, “healthy” people give off a frequency around 70. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics have a much lower frequency. They rob you of your health, so be mindful of what you are wearing. I have also heard that we should stop wearing “Black”. In nature, the true color of Black is usually not good unless you are dealing with charcoal, which has other properties. Living things have a color.

  5. Second note, don’t wear shades or lens’ that turn dark if you are trying to preserve your eyesight. Father designed healthy eyes to respond to the changes in sunlight. Allowing our eyes to adjust naturally, keeps them stronger.

  6. Greetings Sister Deborah , Enjoying all the knowledge that you and your significant other share so unselfishly . Sharing my truth while embracing the spiritual truth's is where we need to be. You send an energy that is deeply felt . An Israelite state of mind seems to be my reality. TMH ,Yah knows , I asked him. Asking TMH to guide our steps and knowing we don't walk alone in spirit brings joy to the soul. Going back to read more of you all's presentations.. Cant speak Hebrew yet. .Did use it in writing to say fair well to make an exit from a u tube channel along my journey. TMH willing learning the language would be an accumplishment , as far as knowing more than one language. I'm just another soldier on my way to our spiritual home , and appreciate people . Staying healthy as we can is a must. We both retired from work, 3 yrs ago got busy working on ourselves more spiritually and on genealogy will continue in that way.Prayers Up !!. 😊 🕊️ 💛

  7. Shalom family I love the scripture Faith with out works is dead all our Father wants a true heart of belief in Him over man I had doctor wanted me to take heart pills these pills had 35 side effects and it was for people who had a heart attack that night YAH said to me do not let them do anything to your heart to day I have no problem with my heart also my blood pressure went up to about 224 and I kept on praying all night I heard something pop real loud in my head it was so loud I ask my husband if he heard it I went to the doctor and they was amazed that I was Alive family I tell you no lie so after I went home The Father said 3days fast I did and I'm 100 precent off all their meds plus in 2006 the doctor said I had 4stage cancer this is before I knew we was the people I trust YAH people came by from hospice I told the lady I will not believe what she said I trust YAH The Father told me to drink fig leaves tea with raw honey for 7 days I did and I'm still here I know I trust in the Father and I do the work only eat two meets chicken and fish beef every 3 months if that I'm trying family to eat right and live until the Most High YAH calls me home some say we are not to eat chicken when the Father say not to I won't just wanted to tell my family my story of Faith in YAHUAH, Shalom I Love You Family scatter


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