The Blind Leading the Blind to More Error

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  1. 2nd Maccabees 7.On another occasion a Israelite mother and her seven sons were arrested. The king was having them beaten to force them to eat pork.2 Then one of the young men said,

    What do you hope to gain by doing this? We would rather die than abandon the traditions of our ancestors.[ I would recommend that everyone reading this comment read this entire story in 2nd Maccabees chapter seven]
    It shows you that all people would rather die before eating unclean food

  2. I Isaiah 66:15-17 is NOT a end time prophecy…when it says "them that SANCTIFY themselves and purify themselves"….its talking about people doing ANIMAL SACRIFICE….can anyone show IN SCRIPTURE where people will go back to SACRIFICING ANIMALS??

  3. Peace to you and your family in the mighty name of our Father Yah, our coming King Yeshua Hamashiach, and the set apart Ruach Hakodesh! Thank you so much for your teachings and for helping those of us who love the truth. I recently prayed for the heavenly Father to show me the truth in all things & He led me to your channel. I study, do, and teach His word – And I am so thankful to learn even more from what you share with us (especially the correct Hebrew names). Halleluyah!!

  4. C'mon with it! The truth will make you free( if accepted and walked out) proclaim it Family! All praise to YAHUAH and YAHUSHUA.

  5. A question? Was all black people living in these way in the early 19th century. Nay! This was just put opon our people's. The books say to love the most high. What do you think them devil's added…

  6. Me and my family just went through the house checking ingredients ,needless to say my house is somewhat bare now.They have laid traps to keep us abominable in Most High eyes. Ex.natural flavorings (ground bones, pig stomach lining, gland near anus of a beaver)who thinks of this stuff. Check out and cyberparent. com.Stay woke

  7. The blind leading the blind usually applies to the young and uninitiated, inexperienced. The fool. The follower is blind enough to follow another fool.

  8. Proper worship and TIME management is key. Children should be raised in Christ like it says in Proverbs.

  9. When all things is done in order of the scriptures, nothing is lost in translation. Swine, shellfish, fish without scales, rats ect… These things are an abomination and unclean, Christianity has broken us but we are waking up… Some now and some earlier. The word of Yah is not to be taken lightly, all praises to The Most High Yah and Yahusha. Shalom family

  10. In scripture Is 66:17 says eating swine flesh and the abomination and the mouse. What is the abomination?

  11. Can you guys please debate rap the news bc he is calling out the entire Israelite doctrine and everybody seems scared to stand behind the doctrine being taught as a nation. It should be easy to shut his mouth.

  12. You are spoil brats, Are you out your mind, there are humans that have to eat. God gave lessons but its survival !

  13. Woe unto the Scribes & Pharisees_they make them two fold the child of hell then they themselves are. It's not what goes into a mans mouth that defiles him but what comes out. Just like circumcision_circumsise thy heart.


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