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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. Esau is mixed seed he is maybe in every nation on earth even Israel he cannot repent so you look around you and those who r stiff neck toward YAH esau seed hates YAH and hate truth whites are just a part of esau seed.

  2. Now, what does it means that Jacob was a plain man who dwelt in tents?
    That word 'plain' means: Perfect and Whole. He followed The Commandments of The Most High YAH. Also, what does it means by Jacob living in Tents? That means: He(Jake) is more so Community Oriented meaning: Community Activities such as Basketball and Boxing Tournaments, Block Party's,Street Parade's,Park Cookouts, Places(tents)such as Centers where (jakes) play Pool,Checkers, Cards and so on. And don't forget(Jakes) hanging out in front of neighborhood stores, Liquor stores..These activities Young&Old Jakes have a Passion for!
    -MIN. OBI Ha'Shem.

  3. Esau means: 'wasting away'. One example you gave was 'Pr. Don Trump'(esau.)That example was on point.(truth.)
    Now, some Gentiles(heathens) will be Saved. Yes, SALVATION for the plantation! Because we will need workers to clean up and rebuild up our Promise Land.
    -MIN. OBI Ha'Shem.

  4. Partner- is a group of people pooling a specific amount of funds payable each week to the "banker" called a "hand" if the hand equals $50 a week, then 2 hands would be $100 a wk. Its run for a specific time period, $3k for 24 weeks or 6 months etc. Each person gets the "pot" the full amount at your designated time. You continue until its paid up. Then it starts all over again. Needless to say, the first person has to be one of integrity. Worse case scenario, They run off with the full pot! This is a great savings or emergency setup. Hope this helps people who were wondering what it he was talking about.

  5. Some other things pertaining to Jacob hanging out in 'Tents' means:
    To be 'Community Oriented'. Such as: House parties, Jamborees, In back of neighborhood stores Rolling Dice in alley ways,playing Back Gammon, and so on.
    -Min. Obi'.

  6. Esau was not caucasian. The example used for twins is fallacy. Two heavily melinated people will NOT push out a caucasian baby. Esau came out looking just like alot of our babies whom are light in complexion.

  7. I never heard a store selling his Birthright I always heard of it as it was stolen from him Rebecca told Esau to gather up some herbs or some things that she wanted to use for cooking but it wasn't in the gardens that was around there so he took the trip to get the groceries she wanted and intern she made the stew that Esau who was a hunter knew how to make which Isaac loved Rebecca also fashion him fur coat in a way so when Isaac who was blind touched him he felt the hair as if it was Esau and that's what happened as Isaac lied there almost on his death door he asked for Esau to make his stew instead of Esau coming Jacob came with the stew. Issac after eating gave the birth right to Jacob unknowingly since he smelled and felt like Esau( animal pelts ) when Esau returned the deed was done ALREADY and then Isaac knew he was deceived by jacob and Rebecca and was horrified but couldnt do anything about it once it was said it couldn't be taken back no matter what. That's how I heard the story.

  8. So let me get this right.
    Abrams, father was a Terah was in Nimrod's army and Nimrod found Ur which is where Abram was born
    Yet, Esau Abrams grandson killed Nimrod?
    So logically speaking, for this to be remotely true, Nimrod had to be hundreds of years old when he was killed.
    Is that logical?
    In other words, that book is fake as hell.

  9. No where from Barashyth /Genesis to Chazum/ Revelation does it speak of a man being a virgin. Only a woman can be a virgin because she is p3ne3trated by a man. This means she is no longer a virgin she has known a man. A woman is supposed to know her husband period. If a man lay with a woman she is his wife Barashyth/ Genesis ch 24 v 67 KJV. Until we tell Men and Woman the truth in this matter promiscuity will continially be the normal Man and Woman. Also single Fathers /Mothers in Yasharal/ Isreal. This because Men and woman have chosen based on lust (looks money and status) more than character. The character means he or she will carry you when the times get rough in the good and bad days. Most High Yahuah and Yahusha the Man also the Woman then the children lastly.

  10. Thank you Brother for bringing out the truth! This is a very important time that we live in that the world no what is truth and what is lies told to the masses all praises to the most high God of Israel he is our redeemer and Savior ! As it is written in the Torah !

  11. The Catholic church definitely messed with the Bible. They took out the apochgrapha and they also changed the gospels. They removed the part about the Messiah falling on the way to Golgatha, and that's why the Romans made Simon the Cyrenian carry it for him. He fell at least three times.

  12. The 2 things I remember most from reading jasher for the first time are:

    1. Huge "long-armed creature" that "came out of the sea" in the exodus to use his arms to unlock a large bolted door

    2. Some egyptian women seeing joseph (when he was a servant) for the first time and accidentally slashing their wrists trying to cut some oranges (and don't even realize it until he leaves the room) because they were so mesmerized by how handsome he was. They kept saying he had "beautiful eyes" or something. Joseph must've been the MOST HANDSOME hebrew guy in the bible to have THAT kind of effect on women! lol

  13. Respect for putting this out there brother but people also need to read for their selves as we all interpret things different and so one may see what another does not which can only be good. Excellently put together don't stop mek more bra!


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