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  1. In reference to the African hate, I believe the some of the northern Africans are Ham and so are the Masai and some other tribes (those that made marks on their skin and piercings culturally) I am a Southern Bantu and I am aware of the differences in how we be, by be I mean live. Zephaniah 3:10. The other thing to note is that it was stated the tribe of Judah (who originated the idea to sell their own brother and I think another brother as well who was for it or along those lines would be shipped to slavery) and the rest would be found beyond the rivers of Kush. I am not 100% sure but they would be judgement on Ethiopia (Kush) remember as we follow bloodline of the father, and Queen Sheba been a stranger to the famous king shows Ethiopia (Kush) was not one of the tribes.

  2. Oh!!!! This is one of my fav Bible books (that was removed from The Bible πŸ™„)πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š Now let me watch. I have such a story abt this book!

  3. I must say, Tobit was 58 when he lost his sight and 66 when his vision was fully restored. Still, a good study. The holy angels do only what Yah tells them to do as we should. HalleluYah.

  4. Shalom,

    Disclaimer: I made a error on the ages of Tobit and Tobias. This does not damage the narrative but notwithstanding the ages stated were incorrect. Thanks to those who have stated the correct age.

    Yah bless

  5. I didn't get any notifications for this live stream also didn't know that TCA was doing bible study on Friday evening of the Shabbat lol I was looking for the study on Saturday, but now I know next Friday bible study I keep a look out… Thawadah!

    Shabbat Shalawam Yisrael πŸ•Ž

  6. Shalom, these books are for a certain people NOT EVEN all YaShareal will get it…ACCORDING TO THE DREAMS /BOOK of Daniel TMH said shut them up until a time! That time is now it's not for all. Tmh has given me the knowledge of the understanding and I THANK HIM. DANIEL TELLS US WHAT HAPPENED AND WHY THEY WAS CLOSED UNTIL NOW-

  7. Like me, im impartial. I know what i know and leave it as that. Anyway i rang that r3cist hotel in greece and gave them a bit of my mind and they didnt like it. They tried to be professional in the conversation but i just let loose on them

  8. Guy's, if you do your African research, you'll realise that the Israelites are Bantus. The story of the Bantus fit in perfectly with the journey taken by the Israelites. We all learnt it in school but with a different concept. The original African are the Nilotes, Cushites Semites and many more. Thanks for the videos and the messages!

  9. Did you know that probably the biggest demograph in Africa are Bantu people. Africa is the resting place that God gave us the ten tribes in exile. Hamites are really few in the continents, read the bible ham settled primarily in western Asia and so called middle east.

    I encourage people not to be ignorant.

    Zimbabwe (Eastern Highlands) and Mozambique are full of the ten tribes that came from Persia. the rest of Zimbabwe are Hebrews who came from Nigeria, Benin and Cameroon

  10. Moses had 2 wives . His first wife was Princess from the Kingdom of Kush her name is Adoniah aka Taris . His 2nd wife was The Daughter of Jethro who was a Moabite and her name is Zaphorah , she was the mother or his children . Moses ruled as a King in Kush for about 40 years before he met Zaphorah . Just read the books of " Yasher " (Jasher ) and Yovheliym ( Jubilees ) .

  11. Just like I may live in Africa, but it does not make me a Hamite. Since Ruth was NOT a daughter of Moab, she lived in the Plains of Moab. Moses was laid to rest in the plains of Moab… it does not mean he is Moab right

  12. Just to add, when it say they are the bread of… while it can be literal, it also means partaking in doctrines of others, ie: practicing the customs of another nation.


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