The Brain-Computer Interface is Already HERE! And it's UNBELIEVABLE!

Have you ever thought about controlling your pc, games, experiences not with your mouse, keyboard or controller, but just with a thought, just with your mind? That’s what NextMind is doing already right now, creating an input with what you are focusing on!
How is it even possible? How does it work the first human-brain interface?
well, Let’s get into it!

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VRCovers HERE:

00:00 : INTRO
00:50 : What is Next-Mind
01:30 : Brain-Computer Interface Explained
02:00 : Next-Mind DETAILS
03:47 : Demos!
08:15 : Virtual Reality Game
11:40 : Future, Availability, Price!
12:57 : Conclusions

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Comment (31)

  1. Maybe something like this good for paraplegia or handling plutonium or Ebola but machines kinesthetic replacement of your sensorimotor cortex may leave that God given instrument underdeveloped.

  2. THIS IS TOO SUDDEN I KNEW IT WAS COMING BUT SHEESH I CANT COMPREHEND THIS TOO FAST TOO MANY THINGS HAPPENING HELP, IM…….. speechless why y m crap the possibilities are endless, Imagine something as close to SAO (Sword art Online) Its going to happen and soon, and by soon i mean its already here, Goddamn Steam, i hope they wont make something like NERVEGEAR (its in SAO, it has enough power to fry your brain) but if Steam made a headset i think they would call it Cloud. Not to give any ideas of course. U cant trust me but i can trust myself

  3. i was wondering if you had to focus on a shape on your left to physically move on the left side of it and look at it right way if it still works or how much of it based on neural signal and how much is based on visual location and movement.


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