The case for transhumanism | Steve Fuller

Transhumanist Steve Fuller pitches his case for transhumanism.

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Humanity is at a turning point, and the question of how we should continue requires us to ask how humans should understand themselves. There’s the posthumanist school of thought, which argues that humans are nothing but upright apes, slowly destroying their own environment through inevitable overpopulation. Then there is the transhumanist school of thought: that humans are exceptional, valuable, and should be privileged.

When did we start thinking of humans as ‘homo sapiens’, and how was this shift a precursor to posthumanism? How was the ancient Greek view of humanity affected by the fact they did not know about man’s relation to apes? Where is the majority of transhumanist research happening, and why is it so important that we’re in the know about what’s going on?

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Steve Fuller is a postmodern philosopher. He is Professor of Sociology at Warwick, and author of ‘Popper vs. Kuhn’ and the controversial ‘Dissent Over Descent: Intelligent Design’s Challenge to Darwinism’.

In this course on the IAI Academy, Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology at the University of Warwick and author of Humanity 2.0 Steve Fuller lays out his vision for the future.

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  1. Correction. Yes you have the outliers such as Thailand with their merging of both male and female, but human cultures have always had a firm idea of what it meant to be human, and the aspect of "racism" was in the form of whether you were civilised or not. Humanity has always had an ideal of what a perfect human was, whether they be male or female. Through our stories and fables we also have the concept of beings that are human, yet they are not, they are not one of us, but there are characteristics we can recognise as human, but again are not human.
    So there will always be a limit of where a person is considered to be a human.
    Lastly, the point made about the vision of what it is to be a human is largely a western idea, likewise the technology used to change aspects of what it is to be human are western as well. So it would stand to reason that our way of interpreting how far is too far would be western. Why would we adopt a different way of thinking unless it's proven to be a "better" way?

  2. This is a terrible case.

    Its simply a history lesson of poor science disciplines of western scientists.

    Ironically he as a white man is rambling to a crowd of white people….

    It seems we have learned nothing. Except how to cut a section of video out and falsly advertise it as a case.

  3. The Hidden Agenda behind the "Great Economic Reset" articulated by the World Economic Forum (Schwab / Bilderberg / WHO / Bill Gates) is the topic "Transhumanism".
    "Transhumanism" is the eugenic – faux academic – denoting of an underclass of a Hunger Games society that is regarded insufficient human, is Der Untermensch, the 'useless eater' class,
    and that the DNA of these 'useless eaters' should be mutated, if necessary by coercion and deception, through for example vaccinations, what coincidence what.

    This is the real problem with World Economic Forum chairman and dictator SS Klaus Schwab, who is promoting "Transhumanism" in a big way, with his buddies, Prinz Charles, the Bilderbergers, the Inclusive Capitalism multinationals lobby, the Dutch SS Von Maxima Nassau, Bill Gates, The Rothschilds and all of this still existing NAZI collusion.

  4. "Before the 18th century, no one was trying to figure out what humanity was"

    The Greek philosophers would beg to disagree. If you've ever heard of Diogenes response to Plato's declaration that 'man is a featherless biped', you've heard of but one example of someone trying to pinpoint man amongst the animals and someone else refuting it.

    "That only has to do with a lot of Europeans seeing a bunch of apes"

    Oh wow, people weren't taking information they didn't know into account, but when they did gain additional information about the world, they were able to utilize it to get a fuller understanding of what's going on. Much shock. Very racism.

    Does this guy think that Eastern science and philosophy was any different? Or African, native American, etc? Turns out that when all you know about is your tribe, that's going to be the sum total of your perception of humanity. It's not like Europe was late to the party and there were a bunch of South Americans having a freaking party over figuring conclusively man's place in nature.

    I could easily point out that Linnaeus didn't have a full understanding of the similarities between apes and humans until TH Huxley did a comparative analysis between human and gorilla brains, and that TH Huxley didn't have a full understanding of the similarities before the human genome project showed us that humans and modern chimps share more than 90 percent of DNA with each other.

    While in a general history of transhumanist thought, there is value in pointing out how humanity became less and less of this ghost in the machine and more of just a machine, since that's integral to things such as mind uploading, brain augmentations, indefinite life spans, and so on, It would be a lot better to approach this from a simple outline of the history of science and philosophy from the ancient Greeks to Epicurus, Bacon, Descarte, Linnaeus, and then Darwin, and also the history of medicine and point out that for the whole of human history, not everyone was strictly biological. People have lost limbs that needed to be replaced with crude prosthetics and over time those became more advanced but inferior versions of the real thing.

    Ragging on about the fact the European thought was Eurocentric as if that's a damnable novelty in human history is just absurd, especially since the vast majority of transhumanist thought came from Europe and North america.


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