The Christian Church is like a Derailed Train,. Re-upload from 2016

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Comment (16)

  1. We got to be like the title of the movie:
    "G E T O U T!!"
    The church is the big poison pill that many of our people have swallowed, thinking that it is going to make them better.

  2. In Detroit a couple years ago, a black pastor of a megachurch was celebrating his birthday, and he asked the church members to give him $1,000.00 EACH!!! All the money was to go to him and his wife getting a new MANSION!! They were already living in a $3,500,000.00 home. Their church is in an impoverished area in Detroit. A fight broke out in the congregation that spilled out into the street, receiving national attention.
    Point being, time to get out and leave the churches!!

  3. I received Jesus in my heart when I was young and the Jesus that was preached to me in Africa by many African preachers matches with the character that is presented in the Bible. Although the gentiles brought “another gospel “ to Africa, the same Ruach ha kodesh is able to lead us into all truth. When I accepted Him as my Lord and savior the word of God was effective enough to renew me. I don’t think accent should determine whether it is a false or true name, the main thing is to show the fruits of repentance and to obey the word of God. Jesus said, you shall know them by their fruits. A good example of accent is the name David, some people pronounce it differently because of the language that dominates their communication. We should focus more on the Revelation of Jesus/Yeshua that is able to transform us to His image. I think we should emphasize on obedience to the word. We will receive the full revelation of Yeshua when we see Him face to face. I can testify that I became a new creature when I heard of the gospel of salvation and I have never been the same. The name of Jesus is powerful as long as the people calling in that name have not twisted the word of God because different nations have different names for a specific name.

  4. The front of the train is called the locomotive and the back of the train is called the caboose the driver of the train is called the locomotive engineer/conductor

  5. is there anyone watching this video that can share any information about getting some kind of help from being a targeted individual?

  6. Thank you family, I’m so grateful I came across you in my time of need. I was in a bad car accident. But this was another blessing TMH gave me.

  7. My EX church hasn’t been opened since March 2020 however, they opened October 31 for a trunk or treat event 🙃

  8. I Spent To Long in The Churches, So Much I Can See The Churches Now Are, Blind Leaders Of The Blind So Sad when You See A Grown Man Teach That JC Is The Way To Heaven! They Should Know The Truth Through Their Seminar Teaching That's The False Name JC instead Of The True Name Yahusha Messiah! Feel So Sad And Angry About This, They Are Blind Leaders Of The Blind??


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