The Christian Church is like a Derailed Train, with Pastors still crying "All Aboard!"

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  1. The left and the right is all made up to keep us in the illusion of having a choice.

  2. It's 2018: So let's play catch up…Eddie Long has passed. TD Jakes is on Oprah & LIfetime tv; Juanita Bynum and the TBN crew; 75% Epic Fail..The volcano's are erupting killing thousands, Ca was on fire and will be again soon, if the Volcano does not cause a Tsunami first; We have had warnings. The women are 90% Jezebel, including me. This has been a tough road; I am a preacher's Kid; 2x! ikr..I must be a Queen cuz Im so broken! I have 2 degrees, and know about the Rockefellers, Illuminati, but I never heard of a Hebrew Israelite? Not once? We got documentaries on the Black Sigma pi and Masonic Lodges (aka Synagoges of Satan) but silence on this subject..I kept seeking his face and here I am. Humble, Fearful, Hurt, but no longer lost. This makes 100% sense. I knew Yah was angry, I just couldn't figure out why. Thanks so much for all you do. Waiting on Yah, while learning his true ways. I do not think we are ever suppose to be 100% perfect, otherwise we would not need Yahusha. It's 6/18/2018…oh yeah…the best for last…Trump is now our President…Yah be the Glory and glad to be black! Finally!

  3. I used to overdress going to church trying to impress the ladies. I did not mind borrowing my friend's clothes and shoes. I went there just to impress myself and the ladies. Please, Yah forgive me. Now I know better and serve him in spirit, cause Yah is a spirit and they that worship him, must worship him in spirit and truth.

  4. check with yah first .one i thought i was being the smart guy and with out consaulting with the hydro inspector and toucched the red wire in fuse box .i touched the long and thick red wire and i grounded mysellf to 250 volts alternating current and i became a human conductor of electricity i would like to become a condutor but not a conductor of electricity .i would to to become a classical music conductor

  5. the church should never be used to meet soul mates or for entertanment that what symphony hall is for . symphony hall is for entertanment not the chuurch the church iis only for worrship the most high yah

  6. i never ever use the church to meet a soul mate or for entertanment if i would like entertanment i go to the capital theater in downtown windsor ontario canada for a classical symphony concert and to meet my soul ii keep my eyes and ears open just in case father yah sends me my a soul mate .i am hopeing and praying to father yah that the most high yah will send me a young and strong roman catholic swedish girl that is a violin player for symphony orchestras and philharmonic orchestras but i never ever use the church for entertanment or to find my soul mate .i leave it upto father yah to provide me with a soul mate but i never ever use the church for entertanment or to fnd a soul mate

  7. I'm a Sabbath keeper and my pastor talked about this years ago he talks about the history of the early church how ever they still worship these pagan holiday they know the truth I wish our people would study like they should I Thank the Most High for opening my eyes years ago giving me knowledge concerning his word and truth

  8. @ Watchman Yah A lot of these pastors don't study the word of the Most High and still teaching paganism…. still teaching the tithing deception….robbing people of their money… the people actually believe that they are to pay tithes…or if they don't have money, if they receive snap benefits they are to give ten percent of that!!! This world is in a spiritual state of emergency!!!! A lot of these pastors are going to pay!!!!!!!!

  9. I was in the church for 28 years , and a Deacon for 15 years ! But the Father showed me who I was as a Israelite ! Then He introduced His True name and His Son's true name ! I always questioned the traditional things in the church and noticed the Idolatry that is there ! I started questioning the pagan holidays ! Yahuah showed me who Mystery BABYLON was and the Harlots that it Birth ! Which was all religions ! Which was created to keep the True Israelites from their Identity and Heritage ! To keep us separated and spiritually separated from the Elohim of Heaven ! Yahuah isn't the Author of Confusion ! He showed me how Hasatans DECEIVED the world by changing Yahuah's name to Lord Ba'al Gad , which is pronounced Gawd ! Hasatans replaced the Father's name over 7000 times in the bible to Lord Ba'al Gad ! The Father answered Every question that I ever had ! Yahuah is Awesome ! I sought nothing but the Truth ! And I Diligently sought after the truth !

  10. Very, intense and eye-opening book to read, "Come out of her my people," by C.J. Koster. Watchman & Deborayah, very on point in this message.

  11. Christianity reminds me of a cult now that I,m awake! I,m so sad at heart the way the ChrIstian Church is pimping the people! THE PASTOR AT THE CHURCH I use to go to knows the truth, but still persists on peaching a lie! I ask him was he putting mans word before Elohim,s? He would not answer my question about the Sabbath!

  12. So the same argument can be made that she didn't call on the name Yahshua either and was healed🤷🏾‍♀️ so I'm confused, do we forget A NAME and just go by OUR FAITH??🤔🤔🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  13. These devils reject the MOST HIGH. That alone is a red flag…. This political system is of the devil….This world!!!. Wow wake up time

  14. When Yahuah called me in 96 the first thing the Pentecostal church paster said was the bishop said there can be no new churches in the city I lived in. The people began asking me to start a church. The bishop put a hit out on me with the pastor mentioned. Yah moved me to the wilderness or desert in Arizona to show me he provides for every thing he created there. So after 12 years Yah said time to return. I learned the Bishop and his son died. I learned the pastor had a horrific stroke he's trying to recover from. Yah has kept me and protected now that I'm back and I have received death threats but Yah is faithful to hide me in his hands that none can take me out of. Thanks for your broad casting


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