The connection between Evil Spirits & Sickness: There may be a spirit behind your sickness

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  1. 5:52, this is so funny, xD I for some reason heard we are more than cockroaches, all this time, I thought that is what was being said… cx Stupid me!xD

  2. You guys truly have the ruach. I still haven't come across anyone that's on a steady path such as you guys. I agree with all your videos. Keep up the teaching!

  3. Shalom family! I am so thankful to Yah for leading my husband and I to your ministry site. Yah was leading me in this direction over five years ago with regard to exercise, consuming live green foods without pesticides, eating only about 10% animal protein, diffusing natural oils and of course doing spiritual warfare to cast out demonic attacks against my relationships, health, ministry and finances. As a result of one of your teachings we ordered the Pseudepigrapha of the Old and New Testament and I am looking forward to applying all the knowledge that the Most Elohyim is providing to us. As far as synthetic medications are concerned…some medications are necessary for survival because there is not yet a herbal alternative so we must use wisdom until that demon is cast out as a result of spiritual warfare. I have several diffusers at home and I am starting to use the one in my office here at work again due to this video. I had stopped using it because the warfare really picked up when I started to use them in my home but know I know why…to get me to stop using them…plus now I will definitely be applying the warfare scriptures along with diffusing my oils. HalleluYah!!! I do see a Naturopathic Physician and she only prescribes RX medications when medically necessary (life threatening situations) and while she manages the dis-ease she will also prescribe the foods to eat and what foods not to eat along with which herbs to take to correct it or enhance the prescription medication. #backontrack!!!

  4. Shalom family!!! I just heard you mention my friend Minister Kevin Ewing!!! Yah lead me him when the demonic attack came into my home and attacked my family!!! Then Yah led me to You…via minister Kevin Ewing who led me to Pastor Darby and then to your ministry!!! I am a Hebrew!! I am hearing Yah!!! This is Yah!! This is Yah!! I have been listening, praying and fasting with him and Prophet Peter Spencer in the Bahamas!!! I sure appreciate your wisdom and insight when it comes to learning from the men of Yah with expertise in the area of dreams and spiritual warfare!!! Elohyim I worship You and and adore You because I prayed, fasted and asked for wisdom and Yah you have delivered!! Glory!!! HalleluYah!!!

  5. Starve Your Flesh and Feed Your Spirit!!! Some demons only go out through prayer and fasting…Min. Kevin Ewing teaches a whole lesson on proper fasting and praying the scriptures back to Yah!!! I fast with Min. Ewing and Prophet Peter often…

  6. Shalum achy and achoti. I've been extremely ill!! Please pray for my family and I. I'm addicted to cigarettes!!! 😥😥😥😥

  7. What if your neighbors bare false witness against you? I pray and ask Yahuah to help them…💖💝💝😍

  8. Shalom Brothers and Sisters what is the name of the book that you are reading that refers to the herbs that can kill sickness and diseases/demons?

  9. Check out Bro Kay Boachie on freshfire prayerline ministry.  He is also on blog talk radio and Facebook.  He has some interesting spiritual information on his facebook page in west African movies.  You can google it.  He is also on utube.  He gives AMAZING insights to demonic activities at allllllllllllllllllllllll levels!!!! He teaches you how to pray against them and sacrifice by sowing a seed.  Different levels brings different devils also different weapons of spiritual warfare are needed.

  10. I said that to some people but they thought I Was crazy. When I see people in in church with high blood pressure, diabetes, mental illnesses and cancer, I said there are demons behind that sicknesses and there are things they must confess and repent off. They taught I was losing my mind so they began to isolate themselves from me. In 2011 I moved from one province to another and stayed with my sister. I hadn't seen her for about 2 years and when I saw her she was like an 80 old woman with none disease, because her body was writhed in pain. When I saw her, I saw the spirit of death. I was surprised and worried, but I asked Yah what should I do to help. He told me to bring joy into the house but don't tell my sister anything. Immediately I got to work. I prayed aloud, sang, danced, laughed, in general just brought in a good spirit of praise that even my nieces began to look brighter and less intimidated and afraid. It took my sister about 2 years but she was healed. The reason why Yah dealt with her in that way was because she is in this church and she was bound. It is hard for her to walk away because she had invested so much there and this was the only place outside her home that she and her girls felt safe. So many things had happened in her life from the time she was a little girl up to about 35 years, that they took a toll on her emotionally, physically, and mentally. Her mind was invaded by evil spirit through hurt and rejection and she needed to release them gradually. However Yah kept me there for the time He needed to heal her and by the time I left 3 years later she was walking straight with 6in high heels.

    Another time was husband was acting strange. He seem frustrated and harsh with me which was not normal. Just before I saw his behaviour the Holy Spirit was teaching me about our 5 senses and how evil spirit enters in through them. So I asked my husband these questions; who touched him, What had he looked at, smelled, tasted, heard and in any of those instances how had he felt strange? Then we took a break and about 10-15 minutes later he told me this woman touched him and after he walked away he was wondering why she did that because he felt something happened she touched him with an intention. So it is very important that we are careful with the spiritual things we allow ourselves to come into contact with, whether by sense of touch, hearing, seeing, tasting, or smell. As soon as something foreign enters our bodies, our spirit picks up on it but most times we keep the evil spirits because we do not learn to trust our spirit man and figure out what is wrong.

    When we go through trauma this is an opening for spirits to come because the mind somehow goes in negative mode. The doctor told her she has some sort of disease but I told her to not do anything yet that soon she will be better. Yes demons are behind all sickness. i don't see it any other way and if people begin to see sicknesses like that there would be less people going to doctors office. Disease come in to our bodies through greed and anger just like it would through sexual intercourse with an infected person. If we hold bad thoughts out bodies are like magnets pulling evil spirits in but having thoughts if peace and love you can walk a path and clear out evil spirits like a lawnmower clears out the bushes. Blessings my people and stay upright!

  11. I just look at this video and after looking at this and few of your other videos I open my bible and it was on the song of solomn and this scripture (4:6) was confirmation for me.
    Songs of Solomon 4:6 Until day breaks and the shadows flee away, I will go my way to the mountain of myrrh and to the hill of frankincense.

  12. Wow today a guy just told me that the whole world is going to turn on me its so weird I had a dream I was getting chased by 1000 or more people before they caught me abba YAH said here son grab this a blue lighting bolt came down I rode it 2 heaven and woke up

  13. You said that you seen a demon in physical form I haven't seen any physically but I have been asking 4 eyes 2 see and I see like invisible smoke that forms and it be attacking people and when I start praying saying Jesus and Yahweh something miraculous does happen a very great feeling comes over my body the blood of Jesus is against you Satan

  14. I try 2 believe the father in heaven spirit is in every human so if it 5.6 billions of people here on earth who can stop you nobody if Yah really with you the animals the trees in the shape of a Y his name written in your face your eyebrows make a Y your nose makes an A and your mouth is the H YAH

  15. Abba Yah be hungry not for food but for knowledge feed the Lord that knowledge of his book what he likes he will reward thee

  16. Manna From Heaven what I want abba YAH use 2 feed use waffles in the desert the meat hear is bad gmo poison if you eat meat it does attract negative energy to you ima truck driver I know what I'm talking about 2 start getting flawless victory and stay in power eat all fruit like you said oat meal light meals raw veggies some people can't handle eatting raw food 2 much KFC in them

  17. I know i have demons in me from hanging arnd a crush who was also a musician. His house was very dusty & the dust mites effected me bad. Need prayers to rid myself from effects.

  18. Regarding fibroids, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and or infertility, are these conditions connected to demons assigned to certain women(black women)? Or is it because we house our emotions in our womb?

  19. Thank you for the talk now I know what I am dealing with. Thank you Yahshua hallelujah I know I not crazy everything y’all talk about I been going through thank you thank you watchman. Thank you Yahshua for this couple

  20. most demons enter the body through a physical abuse, as my case is… my legs are almost paralyzed,… asking for prayers, thank you and blessings

  21. Please help me to understand, how my 44 year old son is saying he,s talking to demons and angles? I keep telling him he,s dealing with demons, I keep praying for him, but I,m afraid for him! He also saying he knows. whats going to happen to us, his family?

  22. My husband watches you guys faithfully. He’s claiming to now know the truth. He’s mean as a devil. He’s lazy irresponsible and barely wants to go to work. He even almost got into a fist fight at work last week and he watches porn. How??? Matthew 5:28 speaks on that. Isn’t he commenting adultery?

  23. Yes" I agree your son is talented and I think you should encourage him to sell or promote his CD's..😁👍

  24. Greetings! Love this information. Do you know where I can find some pure Frankincense and Myrrh oil? A lot of places that sell that stuff are in witchcraft stores

  25. That In the last days comments sounds to me ,like a wounded, bitter, demon! Return to sender in YSHUSHA'S ALL POWERFUL NAME!!!

  26. Wow this lesson was very educational for me. I am a 47 year old man who been suffering from a stroke since I was 40 years old. I thank yah for allowing me to see this because it's been a tough 7 years. After seeing this it has really restored my faith. Thank you my Brother and sister.


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