The Danger in Celebrating Christmas

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Comment (24)

  1. To each his own. I considered some years back not giving gifts etc; but , I knew my family would not understand. My reasons were not paganism; but, I found my attitude was wrong. It's about Christ coming i to the world; not how much I can spend. As for what people call Easter; no way! I have not purchased anything at this time of year. My only greeting is Happy Resurrection. Day. A person can also get into legalism if they aren't careful.

  2. I celebrate Christmas. I will continue to do so until Christ return!
    The tree is a representation of the tree of life. The lights represent the stars in the universe that God created. The exchanging of gifts is to give to others freely what was given to us when Jesus came into the world which became the ultimate victory and sacrifice as a free gift to all that will accept it. We are to honor the birth of Christ through tradition just like the menorah is used with Hanukkah in Jewish customs. Calling good evil is fulfilling biblical prophecy, don't be on the wrong end of that.
    Idols are made to be worshiped. Christians do not worship Christmas trees, we worship the creator. We just honor Christ birth by celebration. Its joyful and for Christians, it isnt about gifts, its about Acting in accord to Jesus commands. Love one another, do good to those who harm you and love those who hate you. Yes, this is required year round, but this great opportunity called Christmas allows Christ name to spread around the world. Everyone on the planet now knows about Christmas, this great gift of Christmas allows for the spreading of the gospel by recognizing his birth. What a great and wonderful thing, how can this be called evil?

  3. This was my first year not celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas I felt so much better no stressing no riping and running people call me a Grinch your crazy you cheap you broke the whole 9 yards

  4. You’re right Deborah, it was said when someone ask what do they see can be done to prevent so much damage from happening again, thy answered them by saying, “there is not anything could have been done.”

  5. I so 💜 listening to you both! This is the first Christmas I couldn’t participate or even say Merry Christmas. Have learned too much.

  6. That's a regular experience of mine for years, each time it comes to this time of the year, im broke; and i often wondered why.

  7. I don't celebrate Christmas because it's not written in the Bible thank you for the video now I can share it on my Facebook wall from New Zealand

  8. That sounds like a false equivalence to inject fear. If 90% of the slaves went towards South America and the Caribbean, Then why doesn’t these hurricanes touch down into South America?

  9. Ever since I came to the truth. This holiday, Easter, Thanksgiving, I dropped it so quick and didn't even think twice. I know I still have work to do, I have my battles, but I will refuse this full blown idolatry. This is worshipping another God people. Tammuz

  10. 18:00 this was all part of the shift post 1920’s into the “Planned Obsolescence” era beginning with the lightbulb and first corporate cartel that spanned our earthly plane. This began when they realized things were now built too well to keep people buying (constant growth model ≈ planned obsolescence model). The common manwas doing well im the teens twenties. So many amazing inventions and progress and by 1930 they had intentionally crashed the economy/stock market, bought up all the media cand pther companies they bankrupt for pennies, taken over the monetary system (created fed reserve/irs which are private companies for profit), culled those wealthy families who were competition and disapproved of and were against this take over by sinking the titanic with all them on it. And more.

  11. Wow youtube you just auto deleted that? There was so much important info in there. Man. …….wasting my time.

  12. Yall are making Christmas out of what it's not. Not everyone is boring and not spreading love and celebrating life. Yall are sad.

  13. I have now separated myself from all pagan hellidays and this is my first year keeping d FEAST OF DEDICATION on 25th day of d 9 month found in the book of Maccabees the 8 days cleansing of d TEMPLE now i feel so proud and happy that i am trying my best to please TMH HALELUYAH AND WONDERFUL PRAISES TO MY FATHER IN HEAVEN.

  14. Man what you guys said about when you ask Yah to take you to another level you may go through a storm! Man I needed that!


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