The Danger of False Doctrines, Bible Study

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Gal 2: 11-21
1 Tim 1: 5-11

James 2:8-11
James 2:17-24
Gal 3 chapter
Ephesians 2: 9-10

1 Corinthians 2:13-14
2 Peter 3:15-16

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  2. THE FOOD PYRAMID IS S.A.D. (Standard American Diet). It's actually part of the Balaam Doctrine."I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, TO EAT THINGS SACRIFICED UNTO IDOLS,…"

  3. Long Live the KING CHRIST

    I, have come to Deliver a Message from the KING and HE has said:

    O Adam, this will happen to ME (CHRIST) at My coming to earth, Satan will raise the people up of the JEWS to put Me to death
    (1 Adam&Eve 49:8-9)

    and I, (Enoch) look at that man who wrote the book at the command of the LORD, until he opened the book of the Destruction that those Last Twelve Shepherd had done
    (1 Enoch 90:17)

    My children I, have learnt that at the END of the ages ye will Transgress against the LORD, stretching out hands of wickness against HIM
    (Testament of Levi 12:1-2, 4)

    I, have also read in the Book of Enoch the righteous what evils ye will do in the Last Days and Teaching Arrogance
    (Testament of Judah 18:1-6)

    the JEWS answered HIM, We have a law and by our law HE (CHRIST) ought to Die (John 19:7)

    from the beginning the JEWS (12 Tribes) were the Killers of the Prophets (Mt 23:30-32)
    (Mt 21:11) so the

    has disown them (Mt 10:33)

    so all who are HIS sheep will follow HIM (John 10:27-29) this is what the KING has said!!!!

  4. I had a family member disrupt my walk with Yah when I was 8yrs old. She screwed me up and now im an adult…i confronted her on the issue but she still on that Sunday pork eating holiday paganistic crap

  5. what do you think about it? From what I've heard the book of Enoch supports that, (I heavent read it tho) and it wouldn't contradict the word saying that the earth is a sphere. And it says all that is hidden shall be revealed

  6. 🌻🌺🌻Shalom Family, yet again another Great teaching, We love you guys over here in the USVI, Bermuda, and North Carolina. Prayers are being lifted up to YAH on You and your Families Behalf! All Praises unto the MOST HIGH Elohim Yahushua HaMashiach!!! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻💐💐💐Halleluyah!!!

  7. We are living in the last days and our people have been tossed to and fro by strange false doctrines of devils. Hebrew family, take the time to read, fast and pray to Abba Yahuah for spiritual understanding and not be lazy relying on what someone else teach without seeking truth in the word of Yah Shalom.

  8. See once again .> YOU PRAY LIKE A CHRISTIAN … Whats up ? This is Ya Boy KC again . I Just hope that you have read my other Comments on,, THERE IS NO POWER IN THE NAME JESUS and on BRAINWASHED etc  And on .> WHICH BIBLE IS THE BEST ONE … And once again My BROTHA and SISTA i am NOT ,, I Repeat ,, I am not JUDGING YOU . Who am i to JUDGE ? I am not going to call you the WACTHMAN, because at the end of the day , we are all WACTHMAN depending on what you know . Like i have Commented on the other videos that i have READ ,,, STUDIED ,, PRACTICE and MEDITATED on the BIBLE and other BIBLES for well over 17yrs now … But that DONT MAKE ME SMARTER OR BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE … But what you was saying in the Beginning about GOD ,, am going to say like that .> God hasn't given me the Spirit of fear , but of POWER , LOVE and a SOUND MIND is also in THE KING JAMES BIBLE TOO .. What is my POINT ..The point is that we LOOK at the SIMILARITIES and not the DIFFERENCES … Like i commented on your other videos is ,, that we SOOO much want to be DIFFERENT .. That is why you got DEIFFERENT DENOMANATIONS … Once again .> If you like CHICKEN ,, Guess What ? I Like CHICKEN TOO . If you ever CHEATED ,, > Guess What ?  I CHEATED TOO . If you ever SMOKED WEED , Guess What ? I SMOKED WEED TOO … If you are FROM THE HOOD , Guess What ? Am FROM THE HOOD TOO .. Like i said this could lead People DOWN THE ROAD OF DECECPTION … Listen , Sometimes i still have to go to the CONTEXT in the BIBLE . Shows you how Smart i am Right . Lol . But i have ALL KINDS OF SORDS My Brotha  just by PRACTICING ,and READING and STUDYING THE WORD for my SELF … It did say .> SHOW YOUR SELF APPROVE Right …  See you can READ ,, STUDY ,, PRACTICE and even MEDITATE on it , but its about LIVING IT … Listen i grew up with a CHRISTIAN Back Ground and WITNESSED THE BLESSINGS MY MOTHER and FATHER GOT THROUGH GOD ,, THATS RIGHT GODs LOVE and MERCY … See we was POE ,, NOT POOR , But POE , if you know what i mean . I remember my MOM ,, Bless her sweet sole was PRAYING one night because she didn't holly have enough FOOD and CLOTHES for her Children . You can HEAR the INTENCITY IN HER VOICE AS SHE WAS IN PRAYER ,,, Something like how you was in PRAYER at the beginning of the video … Well the next day around noon we had FOOD ,, CLOTHES ,, EVERTHING … I remember at night we had to sleep close to each other in the winter with thin Blankets to keep us Warm … Man you talking about back in the early to middle 60s … So i am NOT . Let me repeat that one too .> I am NOT going to let someone tell me about the GOD I SEVRVE … Check this out ..> I have USED DRUGS and ALCOHOL just about all my life . Been in and out of JAIL just about all my life, and CHRISTIANITY ,, BUDA ,, ISLAMIC ,,, JAHOVA WITNESS DIDNT HAVE A THING TO DO WITH IT .. I Chose to be with the PIMPS and HUSLERS because i was ATTRACTED TO THE LIFE STYLE OF IT … We have a saying that goes like this .> IF THE DRUGS DONT GET YOU , THE LIFE STYLE WILL … And you guys know what am talking about … Today i have 23yrs CLEAN and SOBER , but Check this out ,> He didn't sent a CHRISTIAN ,,, He didn't send a MUSLAM ,,, He didn't send BUDA ,,, He didn't even sent a JAHOVA WITNESS … But he SENT A GROUP OF RECOVERING ADDICTS TO SAAAVE MY LIFE , and i say it like that . See this is what i mentioned when i commented about,, We look at the SIMILARITIES and NOT the DIFFERENCES … My point is that ,it didn't matter where the HELP came from … NO NO , i am NOT DEBATING ABOUT YOUR FAITH IN WHAT YOU STUDY IN , But just because i STUDY THE KING JAMES BIBLE and other BIBLES , that DONT MEAN I AM CONDEMN TO HELL . You also READ and STUDY OTHER BIBLES RIGHT ?  See I KNOW THAT I AM BLESS … But it took GOD to bring me to those RECOVERING ADDICTS , JUST LIKE ME TO GET ME BACK TO MY ORIGINAL FAITH . The one i LEARNED in the beginning… Look when we go into those JAILS and on the COLLEGE CAMPASES , we don't go in there with all this stuff talking about ,, We are CHRISTIANS and so forth ,, NO . See you we SCARE THEM TO HALF TO DEATH ,  and you would lose the WHOLE LOTT of them . See we SAVE LIVES by telling them about the SCARES WE CAME FROM , AND THAT WE DONT HAVE TO USE DRUGS TO COVER THE PAIN ANY MORE.. We also TAKE IT TO THE STREETS AS WELL , where the MUDER RATE and DRUG ADDICTION IS WAY UP .. This Year Alone we had 148 Over Doses , 32 of those KIDDS DIED … See We don't have time to be talking or DEBATING about something that's been DEBATED over HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO  , and they are STILL FINDING PARTS OF INFO IN THE MOUNTAINS OF IRAC and even in the MOUNTAINS OF AFRICA and ASIA , that was left out of those BIBLES … They care less about this stuff , these kidds or out here dying with a Mother or Father to GUIDE them … But Check this out .. > We also have SAVED a lot of those KIDDS AS WELL AS ADULTS …  This is what i do in my COMMUNITY,  and NOT PREACH and JUDGE . Check this one out , if you want to talk about FALSE DOCTRINES … Now what i am about to Comment is NOT TO CONVERT OR TO JUGDE OR EVEN TO CHARACTER ASSASINATE … You all ready went over it … > 1rst TIMOTHY 4 vs 1–2 ..vs 1.> Now the Spirit Speaking Expressly , that in the Latter times ,, meaning now ,, SOME SHALL DEPART FROM THE FAITH ,> meaning abandoning there faith of what they have  BELIEVED IN . Continue vs 1..> GIVING HEED TO SEDUCING SPIRITS AND DOCTRINES OF DEVILS.. > meaning DOCTRINE UP ALL TYPES OF STUFF TO FIND GOD .. Lol ..> vs 2.> SPEAKING LIES IN HYPOCRISY ,, HAVING THIER CONSCIENCE SEARED WITH A HOT IRON … Once again , if you think i am wrong ,, PRAY FOR ME . DONT JUDGE ME ,, PRAY FOR ME … MAY THE GOD OF WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE  CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY , AND MAY HE CONTINUE TO GIVE YOU THE STRENGTH TO GO THROUGH ANY STORM THAT MAY COME YOUR WAY. STAY PRAYED UP … PEACE ..

  9. Oh by the way . In 2015 you also got a video out called.> STOP READING THE BIBLE …WOW .. Now i hear you on the Moab subject because we got Preachers who already Broke it down years ago . But my question is .>> What was up with that Topic over 2 years ago about .> STOP READING THE BIBLE ,and the topic ,,> THERE IS NO POWER IN THE NAME JESUS , and now here it is over 2 years later and you are READING OUT OF THE BIBLE . Or is that another form of a Bible …. Seems like a MIXED MESSAGE to me some where . COME ON , TELL ME . Like i said before if i am wrong then Please Pray for me , because i am getting a MIXED MESSAGE . You also did another video , which i commented on called ,,> WHICH BIBLE IS THE RIGHT ONE ? … WOW again . Lol .. Listen , i am trying to understand you guys but you got MIXED MESSAGES ALL OVER THE PLACE .. See i am a very observant person , and once again i am not JUGING YOU , NO NO . I think you are doing a good job , but you  speak  as though you are AGAINST CHRISTIANS AND THE BIBLE ON ONE HAND, AND NOW YOU ARE IN THE BIBLE PREACHING ON THE OTHER HAND . See , there goes that  1rst TIMOTHY 4 vs 1–2 again … Or have you guys over the last 2 or 3 yrs FINALLY CAME OVER TO CHRIST WAY … NO , we are talking about ,> REVELATIONS VS 14–15 , THE BLACK ONE , which we Call THE ANIONTED ONE . CHRIST DONT MEAN THE WHITE MANS GOD . CHRIST MEANS ..> THE ANOINTED ONE . But like i said in my earlier comment , i don't go around trying to PROVE CHRISTIANITY TO NO ONE , Nor do i try to INFORCE my beliefs on anybody . Sometimes you got to WALK SOFT and keep it movin  and help others when its needed .  GOD BLESS .

  10. OH ,, that is REVELATIONS 1 vs 14–15 . But if you wish .> Go ahead and Read vs 16–19 , especially vs 19 . When the ANOINTED ONE SAID .> WRITE THE THINGS WHICH YOU HAVE SEEN , which means WITNESSED . This is if you want to know how the BIBLE IS FORFILLING AND PROPHECYING THE THINGS THAT ARE GOING ON TODAY…

  11. One last thing .. Thank you for Reading my comments and not ,,> as we say in the streets ,, Player Hating on me . Like i said before if you think i am wrong ,, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME .. Don't JUDGE ME ,,> PRAY FOR ME ,, Because if not ,, then we ALREADY KNOW what type of people you are … Do you think i have TRESSPASSEDED AGAINST YOU ?  Holla Back At Me if you Dare … Once again ,,,> May the GOOD LORD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU BOTH WITH LOVE AND JOY , AND MAY HE ALSO BLESSES YOUR FAMILY … Date .> 11–22–17 … May you have a Wonderful THANKS GIVING … PEACE .

  12. First, I want to say, I am in the process of learning about who we really are. Trying to learn what dsys to honor and not honor. I would like to ask a question about celebrating birthdays. Bring a follower of The Most High, should we celebrate birthdays? Please help…

  13. Yes…that's how so many Christians have the Kandalini demons.. You can't eat at every ones table..a little poison is still poison..leads to death!!

  14. Thank you for this clarification…l listen to Min. Kevin Ewing and l recognize when he is coming from the viewpoint of the descendants of slaves being gentiles and not Yah's chosen people.

  15. Shalom, from Cincinnati, OH – December 2018
    The researched Sound doctrine rejected by many churches, great daily food! An Awakening truth right now! The wonderful tool box from above! I'm pressing forward to learn meditation on these truths before Yah! A raw sacred truth! Pray for me, my research and digestion, allowing nothing to separate me from Yah love and chewing on this rare truth, i'm leaning on the "rauch" to guide me. Thank you both! Courage and Blessings Watchmen family, looking forward and saving for Qodesh in 2019…May the portals of heaven open up from above, looking forward with much anticipation, May blessings chase you and the family, stand and keep standing, Amen and Amen…My spiritual family

  16. Be careful of what you hear is right!,Because there is a teaching out there that we are the org.American Indian? And the move is getting stronger and stronger ! You are so right. To me the Indians had a strange doctrines .🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙋🏽🤔

  17. Pharisee is a Synonym to The Word Hypocrite – (According to The Google Source) – as I Have Observed…

  18. This message of student to show yourself approved is so very important SPECIALLY AS WOMEN ARE CONCERNED. PLEASE do a lesson on women needing to know how important it is for them to study the word for themselves, and as it pertains to women in the Bible . PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS. I’m so tired of these wicked men saying women cannot do this and can’t do that as it pertains to the word of TMHGod.

  19. I saw one brother saying take wives of women that don't know YAHUAH and then make them wives and change them to knowing YAHUAH.

    Now I know if you going to do multiple wives, they for sure shouldn't be those who do not know YAHUAH.

    If I see that post again, I am going to rebuke him for that.

    I meant to then but just read it and kept going.


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