The Danger of Ignoring Julian Assange

Why You Should Pay Attention to Julian Assange
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Julian Assange has a long, complicated past. But regardless of what you think of him and what he did, you should care about what happens to him. Here’s why.

Check out two very solid documentaries on Assange for a deeper understanding of him as a person:
– Risk (2016), by Laura Poitras (we used a little footage from that doc in the intro)
– We Steal Secrets (2013), by Alex Gibney

This legal analysis from RCFP was really helpful in understand the indictment and its implication:

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Comment (27)

  1. Johnny, you made me spit out my coffee when you said at 19:52 – "Those of us who rely on Journalism to teach us about the world". Best comedy line in the whole video.

  2. We have the same thing in Iraq. You could be arrested for a Facebook post. I thought we're the only one with this problem. Now I don't feel so lonely

  3. I don’t know and care what he did on his personal life but it’s impossible to ignore his contribution on free press and journalism 👏 free media in internet is a thing because of him.

  4. Many people are happy with releasing classified documents. Although a good part showed some excess on the war, many are there because there are multiple actors worldwide that can leverage minor things to undermine western institutions. Just imagine if all your calendar, daily activities, and more are available for anyone to see because you don't have something to hide. It doesn't mean that a kidnapper or someone in the future might use it to make even more damage to you

  5. Please make a video on the Marcos regime in the Philippines and how the apologists (fueled by fake news from social media) have risen to elect the former dictator's son in the recent Philippine election.

  6. You mean the Julian Assange that only leakes documents from governments that dont support him? He would never leak anything against Russia for example. But I guess that doesnt fit your anti US rethoric.

  7. Better watch out Johnny. This is disinformation. And Biden’s BS government will come after you for this. Past and present.

  8. Assange spoke truths while Democrats cheered him on exposing Republicans dirty secrets- he was called a hero. Then he did the same to Democrats what he did to Republicans he was instantly named enemy of the state. Moral of the story never let a Democrat call you a hero.

  9. What NEEEDS to be mentioned is that people charged under the Espionage act DO NOT LEGALLY GET A FREE TRIAL!!! This is the reason why Edward Snowden refuses to be tried in US courts.

  10. What i got out of this is that the American military get brainwashed into killing innocent civilians because they are "terrorists" the same way the russian military get brain washed into killing urkrainien civilians because they are "nazis"

  11. Man…! you should seriously work for sci-fi movies.. the sounds and editing everything is just amazing

  12. Couldn't you wait to make this video? There is a propaganda war going on right now and you seem to want to help the dictator side.
    The video is great, the timing is terrible.


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