The DARK Side of the Awakening: Polygyny/Polygamy – Family Life Marriage Series

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Comment (24)

  1. Looking at polygamy from a financial aspect is of this world. If you're into Yah, you cannot be engulfed into what the world is doing. Now looking at it from a spiritual aspect, remember Solomon's problem. If polygamy was going to work, everyone would have to be on the same accord spiritually. That's the difference between our forefathers from the ancient times and our current time. Spiritually, in a demonic world today, it's not a good idea to be honest.

  2. Sister Deborah, when are you going to allow watchman to get his other wives🙎🏿. Wanting more than one woman can't be anything but lustful. When your looks are all gone, your husband will get another wife. Keep yourself attractive.

  3. I'll be happy with one good woman. Women are a handful who wants more than one. I only want one righteous woman that's all I need.

  4. From reading the scriptures, I understand that initially, they were not polygamist. it wasn't that Abraham wanted another woman. Sarah, who did not have faith, gave him Hagar for procreation. Jacob loved Rachel and was tricked by, I think the father's name was Laban, that the custom was one can not marry the youngest daughter if the eldest daughter is unmarried and so he had to worked another 7 years for Rachel. Leah and Rachel gave them their maidservants for reproduction.

  5. Wasn't the purpose of polygamy back when, to have many children? On average, how many men can afford just one wife, who can stay at home and raise the children, take care of the home and him?

  6. Yah created one woman out of one of Adam's ribs; not 2. "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good."

  7. Shalom family these subjects is tough to talk about but for the Watchmen and his wife to talk about this is the testimony to The Most High at work…. it's crazy that some men want multiple wives when it's so hard to take care of one wife… I laugh at the situation about this topic I was overseas for a while and a lot of different cultures had different practices and one on was multiple wives and they said to me the way it works is if you cannot take care of your second or third wife you cannot have one….not that the wife take care of you… you have to be able to take care of your wives….so… these brothers have it all wrong….I hope that we are listening in the truth and it shadow set you free…all praises to The Most High

  8. The first thing gold diggers think about is money to live lavish. Poly is to protect the nation from fatherless children,homeless,whores. And how can you lust if don't have a wife? Yall in America are are very stubborn and demonic to submit as wives. Revelation 18:2,3

  9. If people would read the Bible for themselves, they would know that polygamy and having more than one spouse is not biblical, Godly or moral!

  10. I believe that they sold her into human trafficking. She was a virgin. There are people in that camp that have connections with the “wicked in high places.” She was leaving the camp and I’m sure there were things she saw and didn’t agree with. The mind can’t fathom how wicked those people are. May the Most High Yahuah deal with all those involved swiftly! May her blood be on their hands!

  11. Shalom family. I am not sure what some of our brethren are thinking, but clearly the law states Kings should not multiply wives unto themselves Deuteronomy 17:16-17. Are they really reading the bible?. The Most High clearly utilzed the multiple wives for his purpose. And you see what mutiple wives did to Solomon. Our men need to mature. Can you imagine what the kingdom would look like if some of these brothers lead the way. A kingdom full of lust and murder. Also how does it make sense for the word to say, so a man lust in his heart so he commits adultery. Common sense tells me you have to be lusting after a another woman to want her. So he has committed adultery. No adulterers will be in the kingdom. Ummm come on family, how does that make sense??..Right now, lets find the loss sheep and let Yah handle the kingdom to come. Love you guys

  12. If anything they set aside what they want the become what you want or like kinda like narcassaist but yet again tbeir is no perfevt person

  13. Watchman and Deborah are 💯 on this. No one says nothing about the IUIC guy that murdered that girl in Europe.

  14. Any threatening Watchman and Deborah may YAH have judgement on your wicked ass. I believe they have the Ruach Hakodesh and my spirit discern nothing wrong in the truth! Threatening them is a threat to me. How can you be of YAH threatening his people, there is no love in truth and if you don't like what she say turn it off and be under your own understanding.

  15. I appreciate your honesty, some of them take these scriptures and do just like the heathens did to enslave us and justify their killing nations of people.

  16. I am so happy to hear y'all talking about this topic.I definitely feel a lot of people are going into it for the wrong reasons.My brother was an Israelite and some of these same issues went on.

  17. Yes you can have 2 hubbies of same race and also 1 lover from outside race . Polygyny is failed state of Social Practice bc not too many men are Successful in the world . Polyandry is the Solution if you want to reach back to Monogamy with Successful man .

  18. I am guy, I understand this, I know polygyny is not sin, but I suppose ONLY BAD BOYs will have AUDACITY, BALLs and COURAGE to claim it, and I do not suppose it is just because they are holly.
    I suppose marring Post menopausal poor women can because of holiness, not younger chicks…
    And I suppose if some guy can not Limit the number of polygyny to low single digit number: that is 4 max, and best two – three.
    He is crazy. Even with 4 wives there is substantial Less time with husband for each wife!
    And if wives does not want to share kitchen there is not point with advantages with that at all for any wives!
    The good example is this white Lady YouTuber (momof5) who wanted her husband to take another wife and persuaded him.
    Currently after more than 2 years they are still seeking without success! I suppose they know what sane Love is!
    Or this White African guy with 2 wives and no children, he is also sane, and even he thinks about 7 wives, I doubt he will get there, because for him financial stability is very important.
    That so cold NICE GUYs, and especially CHURCH NICE GUYs with financial stability will not dare to claim it.
    Their wife would not allowed it, and those would be actually the only (or at least the most of) guys that could do it for good reason.


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