The Davos Agenda 2021 | How has COVID impacted the way we handle mental health?

2020 presented a stunning public health crisis around the globe, but also a secondary crisis in mental health. The isolation coupled with the worry about the loss of lives and livelihoods caused many to experience heightened depression, anxiety and mental health consequences. YouTube launched the “with me” campaign this year, in an effort to foster a feeling of community despite our physical and social distance. This panel will engage experts and digital influencers that are working to address our mental health pandemic at scale.

Dr. Garth Graham, Global Director of Health Partnerships at YouTube

Elisha London, Founder & CEO, United For Global Mental Health
Kati Morton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & co-founder of Happyable
Michael Acton Smith, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Calm
Daniel Howell, YouTube creator, Author and Mental Health Advocate

00:00 Start of Livestream
4:46 Session Introduction by Dr. Garth Graham
7:22 Introduction of Panelists
13:54 Panel Session
01:05:50 Outro by Dr. Garth Graham
01:06:20 End of Livestream

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Comment (21)

  1. here's hoping 'world leaders' learn something from 2020 and actually start taking mental health seriously – in the mean time we all have the power to make ourselves feel better and be there for each other! thank you to anyone who watched this i hope you have a nice day

  2. i love seeing dan open up about things he's passionate like this. you could tell from his intro that he has a lot to say and he's finally confident enough to day it :')

  3. Dont act like you care about mental health when you are driving this covid lie and the lockdowns to get your own way. every member of the world economic forum pushing this shit should be stood up the wall! fuckin animals

  4. These people are SATANIC! The veil is lifted so it is in your face now! Be part of the solution The Greater Reset is a movement in opposition to everything these psychos are proposing. It is a dot org check it out.

  5. im sorry but if you truely believe in helping mental health for all, please make the sleep stories accessible for everyone not just those that can afford it

  6. How will taking everyone’s autonomy and property away help their mental health? When they have no purpose or power because your great reset has stripped them of it?


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