Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. In Revelations , Yah told the angels not to hurt the trees as they go about sealing the Remnant. I always wondered what that meant, But if the Angels were instructed to cut down the trees so the giants couldn't use it as an escape, then instructing the angels not to harm the trees in the last days may very well be literal.

  2. Shalom again family. I just wanted to say that amongst those chickens eating, I didn't know that was an eagle, I thought it was a buzzard, LOL It goes to show just how much I know. Another thing is that, over in Amerihell, our ancestors had to eat that dreadful pig, they taught it was good health, They didn't eat no chops, steaks, roasts and so and so forth. Instead they (we) ate, fatback meat, chitterlings, hog-mauls, feet, tail, ears, mountain oysters (not me),etc. I had many relatives to die from high-blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, just to name a few. I am guilty of eating much of those things and I use to love eating oysters, crab legs, scrimp, (no)squid, ew. For years I use to love that stuff, but now I know that Lev. was put in the Word for our own good, because TMH said that he love us and cares about us and our wellbeing. We were never meant to eat that stuff, and we have paid, paying for it some of by choice to continue to consume it, and and many because of poverty. My prayer is that we wake up and live in our Most High Will and Love for us. Love you all.

  3. So the GAINTS eating Humans in those days and maybe today were really eating Humans for the Blood and the Oxygen they lacked from after the cutting down of the Big trees, actually makes sense why our tracks coach have us run up the mountain and WALK back down.

  4. Good Stuff Moreh! I never thought about the draughts in Jasher with Birth control!! Just abortion! Praise Yah for your obedience and helping me to further break my colonized mind!!!

  5. Gratitude to the Most High, and to you also Brother for you sharing your gift and being in your purpose…inspiring….I look forward to the book of Job….Thank You Sir….

  6. What about gofer wood and the Ark
    TMH told Noah what kind of wood to use pre flood just like the trees there were also giants in the land.
    Imagine seeing a giant drown or hundreds of thousands of them?"

  7. Thanks allways for provoking thought. My thoughts have been encouraged to think more many things including the tie of this lesson to the first mention of trees being useful for man and how disobedience causes us to reduced and malnourished, disfigured and mutated.

  8. SHALOM..bredren…stay girded…
    FOR YOU.. MAY ABBA YAH CONTINUE to bless you..
    Strengthen you,an use you..
    As well as your family…

  9. Wow…thanks again for another great lesson…we have all been really mislead on so many levels!!! Every time I watch your videos, I learn something new…btw regarding the unclean foods video, thank you! I see domesticated animals in a whole new light. Lol, My kid is disappointed, but hey..we are unlearning & relearning to be set apart! THANK YOU AGAIN TCA! APTTMHY!


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