The Ending Of Black Widow Explained

The 24th film in the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Widow is a relatively low-stakes prequel that still manages to pack in plenty of globetrotting, some jaw-dropping action sequences, a couple of big laughs, and a few long-awaited answers about Natasha Romanoff’s origins. This being the MCU, of course, there are also plenty of plot points and small details that could leave some casual fans scratching their heads. Confused about some of the twists and turns you encountered during Marvel’s big return to theaters? Dying to know what’s up with that post-credits scene? This is the ending of Black Widow, explained.

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Natasha’s fate | 0:00
Yelena’s rise | 1:23
Where did Melina go? | 2:36
The Red Guardian | 3:49
The Lost Widows | 4:52
Taskmaster’s future | 5:50
Dreykov’s legacy | 6:46
Secrets and spies | 7:59
Natasha’s two families | 9:00

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  1. I feel like they could’ve done a lot more with Red Guardian but they literally did nothing with him the movie’s only super soldier basically talked about glory days,and got his ass handed to him. He wasn’t even a competent fighter

  2. This video has many good points about Black Widow from both the Black Widow movie and the Avengers movies.

    Thank you for producing this fine video.

    Good Karma For You All

  3. Considering SJ just settled with Disney and they are exited to be working together in the future. Halleluja to that btw. I think BW isn't dead because come on I don't think they are just going to give her cameos or movies that play in the past that would be a waste so they have to bring her back

  4. I think Valentina Fontaine is working for Senator Ross and she is manipulating Yelena into going after Clinton Barton by making Yelena think Barton killed Natasha. Senator Ross still has it in for The Avengers for violating the Sokovia Accords and believes they're not heroes and are a menace to society and he is bent on taking them down and brining them to justice.


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