The Fallen Goddess – Sol Luckman on Humanity, Gaia, Archons and the AI Agenda

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🧩 In late 2019 before cooties-19 kicked off, author Sol Luckman received a powerful intuitive premonitory “download” regarding the “pl@n-demonic” (and vak-seens) to come, which inspired his latest novel “Cali the Destroyer”. His book singles out, in his words, the primary source of “evil” as we experience it, that being the Archontic demiurgic force operating as a mind parasite in the psyche of human beings. These entities are not physical, but “psychic” or energetic entities that inhabit vulnerable minds, stimulating self-destructive and sadistic thought, as well as pushing us in the direction of technological transhumanism which will ultimately leave only a simulacrum of humanity in its wake if it succeeds.

We discuss the Archontic domination and dep0pulation agenda, the possible evolutionary leap humankind may soon make, as well as how Luckman’s fast-paced novel came to be, and how it weaves the Gnostic myths and prophecies into it – and how they relate to our situation today.

ℹ️ You’ll Learn:

– Why the Ancient Gnostic teachings were wiped out by the early Church
– What the “language of the birds” really is
– Who/what the Archons are and how they operate
– Why the Illuminati may just be pawns in someone else’s game
– Why the Fourth Industr!al Revolution or “Gre@t Reset” must be stopped
– Why the term “Christian Gnostic” is an oxymoron
– Why it’s harder than ever to discern what is real and what is fake or simulated
– The story of the “fallen goddess” Sophia and how Archons came into being
– How the Technocrats are harvesting our children’s biometric and behavioural data through virtual reality tech
– How the Gnostic text “On the Origin of the World” applies to today

…and much, MUCH more.

This has to be one of THE most tantalising and thought-provoking discussions I’ve had on the show, opening up so many rabbit holes as it does.

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Thanks in advance for supporting the nascent emergence of deep human self-awareness – and the peace, truth, and beauty this will bring.

ℹ️ About Brendan D. Murphy
A Truth Addict and Freedom Hacker for the better part of 2 decades now, Brendan D. Murphy has been a stalwart advocate of humanity in the war on consciousness, as he has helped educate, awaken, and inspire thousands of people around the world.

Author of the monumental masterpiece (as dubbed by several readers) “The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality – Book 1” and co-founder of the censorship-free Fedbook alternative – Trooth network – Brendan’s life revolves entirely around creating a better, freer, more conscious, and healthier world for all humans.

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  1. The luminous body or the walk into the luminous is the dissolution of the mind itself

    We are non moving but all seeing
    Loosh is everywhere and we see it
    We touch nothing with awareness v attention
    We are unmoving
    We are not feed on

    When the false hits the light it dissipates

    It is the reality of the light worker
    And prior to time and or patterns of consciousness itself. It is a living reality of re calibration

  2. Cali=Kali=Black Sacred Mother Goddess of the Hindus of India[ people of colour]….and Sol has turned her into a White woman, cultural appropriation for starts.His Cali falls in love with Juice [ a 'person of colour' ] living in a shanty town.You can't make it up…Ah but he has.

  3. I wondered what happened to you, Sol, heeheee! So, there you are, having finished another book. Congratulations, you did well.
    Yes, I do believe you got a telepathic download to reveal the truth to the world. Everything is most accurate. I love that you told the truth wrapped in fiction in the form of a novel. Un-awakened people tend to accept the truth more readily through stories rather than the blatant truth in non-fiction. In hypnotherapy and the English language, it’s called subliminal messaging through metaphors. Plus, you are protected from being watched and marked as a maverick or arrested by the Illuminati through government and secret services, like David Icke that has to play the hide and seek game and Edward Bowden whose freedom has been taken away from him and now sits in jail. That’s also the strategy the cabal uses, to introduce the concept of world control and domination first through the Hollywood industry in movies and television series, to initially subconsciously make people get used to the idea and accept it when it happens.
    And yes, it is the extra-terrestrials in power over humanity that are the masters of the Illuminati. We certainly do deal mostly with clones, because those who sell their souls to the devil in secret societies for power and money and position, literally get killed and are replaced with clones, of which many copies exist of those in positions of power in government and the Hollywood industry. Clones do not have souls and that’s why they do not have a conscience. That’s why you sometimes hear them speak gibberish or change overnight and you wonder what happened, when the clone starts malfunctioning or the person or previous clone has been killed and replaced with another clone. They get replaced with one after the other clone as the clone ages much faster than a normal human.
    Government secret services has since WWWII focused on the development of lethal poisons for use in clandestine assassination operations, and understanding, harnessing, and manipulating the human brain for mind-control such as the CIA’s MKULTRA project and others, helped by the extra-terrestrials who are the control masters of secret societies. However, governments have been in contact with good-intended extra-terrestrials who came to negotiate with them the first time during the reign of Eisenhower, but instead these positive extra-terrestrials got arrested and killed. Gaia is a live entity and was in distress and on the point of extinction together with all of humanity caused over time, but worsened by the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended WWWII and thus brought the good extra-terrestrials to planet earth, sent by the Galactic Federation who keeps law and order in the multiverse. They also wanted humanity to know of their existence, but Eisenhower felt it was not yet time, as he was also controlled behind the scenes by the cabal and their negative Galactics who want to take control of planet earth and keep humans as their slaves. The good guys came to try and warn the governments not to use nuclear energy as it completely destroys and disintegrates human souls as if they never existed and can completely destroy the whole planet with all life on it and also affect other planets in our galaxy. Nick Redfern’s ‘Final Events’ (2010) also gives a bit of insight on some behind-the-scenes government happenings through the experiences of retired CIA and FBI agents who had a conscience.
    There are two types of extra-terrestrials: those in service to humanity (the positive intended ones that are trying to protect and save us and Gaia from the cabal and their minions) and those in service over humanity (the negative intended ones in control of the cabal in secret societies of which governments are a part). Because we are in a dual world, we can attract either the positive or negative Galactics, depending on your positive or negative emotions. A negative state of mind and attitude such as fear and anger draw the negative Galactics and vice versa. That’s how the fake virus is perpetuated and the vaccine taken.
    For example, if you watch tarot card readers and see they are in a negative state of mind and speak about negative things before they start or during a reading or a someone who channels Galactics, they draw a false information or negative-intended extra-terrestrials whose information will be fake and not truthful but may sound truthful. This is how you essentially distinguish between truth and fake information from psychics and channelers. A person with a general negative disposition who channels or does any type of spiritual work, is not to be trusted.
    When you are separated from your higher self or are not even aware of the existence of your collaborative soul and its higher functionalities in your life, you are imbalanced or in separation, and susceptible to the duality of negative and positive energies based on the law of ‘like attracts like’ as swayed by your state of mind. But when you are in unity with your inner higher self or to put it plain and simply, your subconscious mind functions, you are balanced and in high positive vibrations and now only attract truth and higher vibrational galactic beings who give truthful information or telepathic downloads. That’s why the cabal targets the subconscious through subliminal messages in the media and entertainment industry, to keep us separated from our higher functionality, so that we can remain obedient dependent slaves to them.
    Listen to the words of a person. A positive upbeat person is in high vibrations and therefore attract high vibrational positive extra-terrestrials that give them truthful information. But a dark secretive person who looks dull and angry or talks of violence and retaliation or of how they had been evicted due to not having money to pay the rent and desperately seeking donations, or how much they suffer from headaches or some such negative statements that show their negative state of mind, are bound to attract wrong information and dark ET’s. Like earth that had both good and bad people, so you get both negative and positive ET’s. Your fear of them based on negative stories you hear of them in the media will make you attract the dark ones who will manipulate and scare you like a dog that will bark at you because it senses you fear him. But your positive believe and positive feelings about them, will make you attract those in service to humanity who will treat you with kindness and respect.
    Even negative ET’s treat you with kindness and respect if you are a high vibrational positive person. Because they are part of life on the higher dimensions, which we through our subconscious reach through our thoughts and feelings, they can read us and communicate with us through thought.
    Negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and intentions are imbalanced and attract negative situations and if the whole collective’s emotions are stirred through perpetual propaganda that there is a drought and people must use water sparingly, they attract and manifest that drought based on the Law of Attraction of ‘like attracts like’. HAARP technology can only amplify an already existing negativity, so if there is no fire to stoke, there is no situation to create. That’s how the corona virus is kept alive in the minds of people through fear stoked in the media with propaganda. So, the sooner the collective change within by changing their thoughts, emotions, words, actions and intentions, the sooner this farce will end. And one has to use the same diplomatic strategy the cabal uses that allow them to get so many people to believe untruths, so as not to draw negative or suspicious attention unto yourself, otherwise you fight a losing battle and the cabal wins.
    That’s why, Sol, I feel you embrace that strategy through brining truth to the sleeping masses through your novel. I wish you all the best in the dissemination of your book throughout the world.

  4. it is easy to lose oneself in speculation and be deceived if one does not respect our father and mother of the tradition we inherit.. millions were slaughtered for the name of Christ. To call the revelations gobbledigook is to trespass and blaspheme the tradition and sacrifice of Man. Christians were killed, for example, for refusing to say: Caesar/Domitian is my Lord – the route to a passport to work and live. Do not despise their sacrifice for truth. All the apostles were martyred but John who was persecuted and imprisoned on Patmos.

  5. the gnostic is part of the freemasons infiltrated by archons (demons): seek the bible and Jesus Christ and live in communion with nature in a simple way using permaculture principles

  6. It was good to hear someone else who appreciates the work John did on the story of sophia draw a line with his war on the deep state. It's where backed off too but also made me question his earlier work. Anyhow it was an interesting interview. Ty guys!


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