The flourishing of life begins with localization – Vandana Shiva and Helena Norberg-Hodge

Environmental activist and author Vandana Shiva (Founder, Navdanya) and Helena Norberg-Hodge (Director of Local Futures), discuss how the globalized world will move forward after the Covid-19 pandemic. Vandana explains that the current pandemic is a direct result of economic globalization, and that small-scale, diversified farming is hugely important if we are to heal the broken climate and travel a path towards localization. Localization, she says, is where the flourishing of life begins.

This conversation took place in connection with World Localization Day, June 21, 2020. This event included a chorus of 100 voices from across the world speaking on localization, including messages from Russell Brand, Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva, Noam Chomsky, Joanna Macy, Adebayo Akomolafe, Manish Jain, and Pat McCabe to name a few.

You can watch the 2020 full program here –

We’re pleased to announce that World Localization Day will return on June 20th, 2021. Visit to RSVP.

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  1. Thank you both, we need many more people who actually care about our food and the poisons sprayed on them, it must stop if humans and the planet are to survive,

  2. I had a great learning experience as a gardener. My friend who never gardened but did a lot of reading about gardening, told me I should use this fertilizer he had seen advertised. I told him that the soil in my garden was very rich and didn't need any fertilizer. He insisted that I should try it. I said, OK, I'll plant half my corn with your fertilizer and half without it. My unfertilized corn germinated first; and looked green and healthy. Three days later, the side with the advertised fertilizer came up looking pale yellow and tired! There is more to gardening that data and reading someone's idea of what your soil needs!

  3. Thankyou both SO INSPIRING*!* Hugely appreciative of your dynamic commitment to Truth and the breadth & depth of your knowledge, highlighting the violence and oppression of globalisation and its billionaire perpetrators who are breeding their vast monoculture. We must take a stand for the richness, health, beauty and complex diversity of Nature and Culture…..the Living Web.

  4. What I find most unsettling about this entire Covid year is how the US left was manipulated through woke virtue signaling to support an authoritarian 1% agenda. The greatest upwards redistribution of wealth in history. A true feat of social engineering. The Captains of Consciousness should win the Edward Bernays prize for propaganda. 🤣

  5. Dr Vandana Shiva thank you so very much 🙏. Everyone should be encouraged to watch and listen to this interview and all your work. I am humbled and inspired by you! I will be spearding your word as much as I can xx 🙏✌🏻🌱💚

  6. Dr Vandana Shiva is well aware of the induced man made climate change and speaks of the Bill Gates and new world order with contempt (is it an act?). Has Dr Shiva announced thec0v1d is a way that the ELITE Davos group want to bring in the controlled of humanity in the New W0rld 0rder Great reset?? I have looked at Vandana's pages and no mention of new w0rld order and the Green peace that is run by the Billionaires club hijacked the Green revolution, is not mentioned on any of her pages in fact the DAVOS corporation logos are on her web page – GRETA is supported by the fake GREEN revolution BILLIONAIRES CLUB PUPPET FOR THE ONENESS? MANY DOUBLE TALK – IS IT PART OF THE DECEIT?

  7. I wonder if she really believes corona exists. All the scientific evidence is against it. Blatantly created by the globalists (event 201 guys) as a catalyst to bring about their wet dreams of digitalisation and world control. Her book is really great for a wider view of whats going on right now

  8. NONE of this would be happening if you understood that those billion dollar energy colliders built around the world NEVER find solidity. This means we are not physical or solid and NOTHING is. Energy is our existence. INTELLIGENT Energy is constantly vibrating and pulsating and spinning existence into being. We would not exist except for this energy that is creating us constantly. Everything everywhere is constantly being created. We cannot die because we are constantly being created. IF there WERE germs/viruses, they would have to be created with/AS these electrical energy fields which are called atoms. Are you saying that this INTELLIGENCE is creating germs/viruses to hurt us on purpose? What kind of INTELLIGENCE is this? If it hurts us on purpose, it is not compassionate.
    The physicist Barbara Brennan found out that it is our emotions that hurt us. When a person is stressed out and doesn't talk about it, then this stress causes havoc within our holographic bodies. We are being created as a flow of energy. We MUST flow in and out. We are like batteries, positive and negative. Anything that is electrical energy, which is everything, can upset this flow of our constant creation. Those 5G towers are military weapons created to upset our healthy flow. GMOs are created to upset our healthy flow. Our own emotions not resolved upset our own healthy flow. Our own emotions can become like boulders in a river, which can stop the flow of us completely, like tumors, cancer, covid, MS, etc. These are all words that label the flow of our energy as stopping/bunching up into masses of confused energy. The cure is letting all the stresses go. Stop hating and depression and greed. Move away from the towers and gmos. Learn to vibrate a lot faster with a constant happiness full of knowing that death is a ponzi scheme.
    In the book HANDS OF LIGHT written by Barbara Brennan can be seen pictures of what we look like as eternal electrical energy fields in the process of being created. These energy fields are what are called our souls. These beings have 360 degree sight and are the ones spinning the quarks/atoms of our holographic bodies. They are the ones that are projecting our holographic images constantly. WE ARE THEIR FACES, THEIR PURPOSE FOR BEING HERE.

  9. Vandana is a brilliant woman and I belive if we want to save our planet, we do need to become more like indigenous peoples. However, I disagree that consumerism is 100% bad. It is consumerism that drives us to find and fund cures for diseases. It is consumerism which improves technology. It is consumerism that fosters peace between nations (its hard to trade with a country you are at war with).

    I think the problem isn't consumerism, but EXCESS & WASTE.

    We don't need more expensive cars, or gold plated bidets, or personal helicopters to avoid traffic. We don't need 175ft recreational yachts for throwing parties or pink pineapples and square watermelons. We don't need casinos or buffet-style dining halls.
    We don't need to throw away half of all our edible crops because they are shaped funny.


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