The Fourth of July Pagan Madness!

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  1. All these mysticism has people confuse, specially Black people, we are never going to move forward having this type of negativity in us, thinking that a god course us… less get over that and move forward in this society, don't forget your adolescence dreams and ambitions, don't forget to keep fighting for what you want and don't let this Hebrew Israelite nonsense shadow your life away.

  2. Times change, don't be a grump lol. Yes, the 4th of Julys in many many years past didn't include us.

    I'm not saying forget our history but at some point you have to lay those bricks down and realize the present is much different.

  3. For those that are in Christ Jesus there is no more Jew nor Greek nor Free or Bond there is not White and Black or Male and Female. God is not a respecter of persons. We are all the same when we are In Him. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. We are all Brothers and Sisters. Whosoever shall do the will of GOD, the same is my brother my sister and my mother. It disturbed me to hear you say "It's for white people" The forth of July is for the heathen not for white people. I don't celebrate these pagan holidays.

  4. former great Britain people who betrayed on their own people which make them a traitor to their own country

  5. I love this guy! And as A white brother , I'm trying to get others to see the truth ! Most people don't wanna see what they don't wanna see though ! All the praise and the glory goes to Yahusha

  6. Thanks for sharing these insights with us. I have a question: Should we, as Yah's people, get involved in the politics and controversies of this world? Should we get involved in voting, protesting, demonstrating, etc. In other words, getting deeply involved in the political system of this world? Your thoughts, my brother?? Shalom.

  7. For someone who is supposed to reflect the Messiach you thinking only skin deep is truly occult like…while you are preaching against the occult…Yeshua came down to show us to walk in Love brother, one of his last words to his disciples was to love one another, is this what you reflect when you show disgust for "white" people….or even torwards"pagan" people? Do you really believe that Yahweh in all his Glory and truth would be a respector of you cause of the tribe you are from? He didn't come down to start race wars….we are to be a light unto all people, not just this tribe or that…if he came in the name of skin color his name would not be Yeshua but quite the opposite….if he had came down for that than why was he born through the Geneology of Ruth who was adopted into Yahweh's Israel? The enemy will use your pride against you if you are not careful, or maybe he's using your resentment towards other races? Only Yahweh knows n may he forgive you brother…

  8. It could have been our real independence day in Philippines, yr. 1946 but the neo-colonialists (American Government) are non-stop inteferring in our Country, with added the Babylonian pagan church , and sadly many Filipinos are too oblivious and dumb to this facts, like the so Called African Americans who really are Israelites , the Filipino ppl are Also shipped from Manila to Acapulco , Mexico via Trans-Pacific Slavetrade/Manila – Acapulco Galleon Slavetrade , for 250 yrs. From 1565-1815

  9. They can have it but I pray the people of YAH soon wake up and stop spending their money on this garbage also stop teaching the babies the kids this mess you are considered liquid money just use your head for more than a hat rack.


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