The Future Of Brain Computer Interfaces

In this video, we discuss the ways brain computer interfaces could improve in the next thirty years and how those improvements will shape our society

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  1. Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in over a year. I had a sport injury (broke my right shin bone) sometime last year and it really derailed a lot of things for me. But! it's all in the past now and I'll be posting regularly on Sundays from now on 😀

  2. Brain computer interfaces: Not Interested, dont need one, and they better not force one on us, i will fight to the death to prevent them from putting one in me. I do not care if they are regulated or safe with security I still will not get one I have no use for one I don't need to know things that quick I don't need to turn lights on with my thoughts I will just get up and do it why are people so lazy.

  3. This is the most stupid thing that anyone has ever came up with. I am hoping for a electromagnetic pulse. This freaking has to stop. This technology is going to destroy humanity. I pray for the Lord's sure, and quick return to end this madness. Ready or not He is coming. (This is a beast).


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