The Gifts of the Set Apart Ruach(Holy Spirit)

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Comment (23)

  1. good morning family I no this is not the sturdy you to day but can I have a answer please about the feast some poeple say is tabernacle start from 10| 23 to 29 do I have to celebrate thank you very much for the answer.

  2. I know this is truth. I had more than 5 miscarriages. I lost my right ovary & falopian tube with tumors on the good one and it was closed. Yah opened my womb after a prophecy went forth 1 yr before from a women of the most HIGH he knew nothing about my medical history, or pass miscarriages. HE IS SO REAL !!! My Jeremiah Elijah is now 7 years old. YAH still works miracles !!!! He has delievered me from multiple hospitial incidents due to malpractice & a lethal dose of a blood pressure medication that causes cancer !!! HE IS SO WORTHY TO BE PRAISED & WORKS MIRACLES AND HEALS DAILY !!! If we ONLY believe !!!

  3. is there some scripts on love loss and being a man to raise my kids and not feel the weight I've prayed and prayed I think I'm missing something

  4. Praise be to TMH.

    I must disagree somewhat with your comment that the Holy Spirit was not around in David's time. The Holy Spirit took Enoch and man walked with the spirit and knew when the Spirit had departed… The same way individuals today know when the Holy Spirit is not pleased with a choice the individual makes & that person feels the coldness of the departing Ruach

  5. All praises to TMH Ahayah in the mighty name of yashayah by his precious holy spirit, thanks for allowing holy spirit to use y'all to bring clarity may he constantly bless you abundantly.

  6. 34:53 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Father Yah please bless us all with more charity, especially those of us who tend to be more charitable to those outside our home than Inside. AMEN

    It’s so often that people are kinder and more charitable to strangers, while so insensitive, stingy, and bitter towards those Yah has given them. It’s probably generational. I hope whoever needs to know it sees. 🧸♥️

  7. CHARITY: When I was in the Land my rabbi Yahushua tought me a lesson. One day he ask me to follow Him. So I arrive to Tiberias and there was a lady and 2 children in the street begging for charity. The ruwach Hakuwdash came. I said to the lady "Who do you love?" She answered: "My children ", so I told her: " You didn't say Aluanou first I dont give you, nothing." I was in shock…..What??? Continue walking stop to a jewish man not religious. I ask him." Who do you love?" He said: "A….ba…." I was blind with so much love. He said." A man that doesn't love Aba first in His live cannot love a woman". I started to cry…where are these men. Continue to Yahushalum. I ask the same question to a religious jewish man. He answered: "Lady give me Money it is Shabbat" I told him "You didn't say Aluanou I am not giving you money." He started to Yell at me. A man in a little restaurant when out and asked me in Hebrew, :"what is going on". I answered him: That man is a liar." like a little girl. He started to laugh: "Lady they dress themselves to show they are near Aluanou but are liars." I continue walking 2 men came towards me and ask me to come in their restaurant. I ask them again the same question. One said he loves woman and the other loves soccer. I told them you didn't say Aluanou I don't enter. One said: " Lady you are saying we go to hell and you to heaven". I swept my feet and I left. My rabbi lesson was showing me that we should give to people that FEAR, OBEY and PLEASES His Aba. In Christianity where I come from, we gave to poor people even if they don't put our Aba first in there life. My rabbi Yahushua was cleaning my unleaven, doctrines of men, that has nothing to do with the spirit of Yahuwah.
    Ahavah Michparah



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