The Gifts of the Spirit, Set-Apart Ruach,

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  1. Interesting points. I've never thought about it this way before. I've had brothers sending me messages asking me how did I learn our language, and I tell them that I asked The Most High for our language, and the next day when I woke up, I could speak it.  One man told me I had a devil! LOL. All I could do was laugh at that. I can interpret the scriptures and I speak our ancient tongue, but I haven't healed anyone, yet! That would be a nice present to get from The Most High, to heal. It makes me sad to see people suffering.

  2. Thank U both for bringing forth some truth today this Shabbat, It's always a blessing to listen to the both of you. Be bless and continue to do the the will of Yah.. Thank U Shalom.

  3. Have always been through these exact issues had baptism at 16 I'm 43 now and he's always increase in language and I can't judge for others but I know for myself He is the truth alone is also another reason why He sup with us brings us the spirit and truth With evidence. Not everyone will be open to all the Scriptures so some will not receive it thus not speak in tongue but it doesn't bother me God except us while yet sinners who am I to judge.

  4. How long shall I be with you Yah says ye of little faith it was a large part of it. Faith Have Hope In Yahoshua

  5. Thank Yah for this position you have to uplift in discerning the word been through all this..had a lot of people put me down all these years for these issues. I don't deserve Yahoshua He's deserves our best and I am just not worthy.

  6. Can't go after blessings or be worked up about doing all these things rather be at His feet like Martha when God told her she Mary picked the better half.

  7. Can't believe I have made it this far as retarded as I am. Need to be as good as possible because I love Him He deserves it. We need the truth that is who He is, all will bow down to him,His Flesh is at His right hand until all enemy's are separated, Spirit trumps the flesh every time. God is Spirit. All the God head was presented in Him alone He's the Father period. Ish 9.6 Understand who He is is predominant.

  8. Saw my Uncle last week get a heart transplant was told he had a visitation all by my aunt Debbie faith and they don't have the truth but have faith. He was on deaths door. Last week in shans

  9. God is good even when he's not seen in truth because people are having faith in God why? Because he wants to how about Paul why?? Was he special or ask for this vision or voice that reprimanded him. He alone is Good

  10. Truth has definently been told, all praises to Yah for wisdom understanding and discernment. This was awesome and clear

  11. I love you guys. Your message is so important!! <3 I loved the whited out docu. I always preached Black power. Which is y I refuse to straighten my hair. Even tho my mother is a self hater and insist at every moment I do.

  12. Thank you Brother Yahu and Sister Deborah Yah for Y'all have answered my question. What you are Teaching is so VERY TRUE. YES, YAH has sent me to Y'all.

  13. some of these hebrew israelits dis black woman all the timse , they hate us , thank u guys 4 ya videos and teachings

  14. Shalom Family, I am honored to have found your page. I may not always comment, but I live in Northern Israel. And just to confirm this speaking in tongues. This land is multi lingual! I speak English Hebrew. My husband speaks english/Hebrew/spanish. My friend is fr Tanzania she speaks Swahili/english/hebrew. Friends husband is fr Haiti they speak french/hebrew/english. The list goes on. I met a arabic lady fluent in 5 languages. Arabic/hebrew/english/russian/japanese she works at monogram! To see African Israelites walking in spirit that Yah put in us. Is Amazing! I confirm this. Please understand we are phenomenal people. Peace and all blessings. Halleluyah to the God of IsRael! Xox

  15. Cont, I wanted to add our Ethiopian and Sudananse and Ghanaian Nigerian, London. To name a few of the Israelites here that I know. Wow. Putting it in context is so Awesome! Todah Rabah , Mitzooyahn! Xox


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