The God Deception – Who is God? (The Great Christian Deception 2)

Who is God? In this video, we look at the God Deception, part 2 of the Great Christian Deception. In part 1, we looked at Who is Jesus Christ? which in effect, is the Jesus Christ deception.

We look at the nature of the God deception and the impact it has on our belief.

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Comment (11)


    People can be wrong for a lifetime and for generations! Years don’t count if you are studying the wrong things

    How will this research help me in my walk with God? How would I live life differently as a result? Would I get more out of it beyond the sense that we have been sold a false white God and we are the true children of Israel?

    Regarding names don’t think I would equate a human reaction to how I’d feel if God didn’t know my name

    He does

    He is not the parents who confuses one child with another

    If the rocks and mountains and creation themselves proclaim His existence then yes His name matters a lot, there is no other name which can save but His Son’s name but somehow He can be known without even knowing His name, somehow the their on the cross was saved to Paradise without the name or baptism, things which normally seem to be essential to salvation.

    So let’s stick with the name saying God is salvation and not add the extras – the Jesus is an antichrist name extras. By saying God is salvation you are saying Man is not salvation, no one and nothing else can save.

  2. Did Yahusha perform Miracles? Did he heal, deliver and do good to the many as the gospels indicate? If we need healing, who do we call or how do we go about it?

  3. I cant believe that people follow this religious shit? 👎👎👎🤣🤣 A big thumbs down….I cant believe people are allowing themselves to be controlled by man made shit. I follow no man made rules. 💯😎


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