The great resignation continues: 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs | WION Originals

Job exits in the US rose to 4.35 million in February, as the phenomenon known as ‘The Great Resignation’ continues. There were 11.27 million openings in the month. The labour shortage has left businesses struggling to find staff, despite offering higher wages.

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Comment (25)

  1. I have already figured out what to do next offcource farming. And selling my electronic games as secoundry business. You dont need to depend upon your 9-5 to job. They are insecure and doesnt do any good. Atleast by farming it is garenteed to get food and selling games if that gets flopped it is not like end of world for me.

  2. In the world of capitalism, a human doesn't have to work. You buy some stock options and make some investments here and there. Then you import labour (slaves) from other countries to do the dirty jobs. And when they became "american". You import more !

  3. Either fail to formulated entire variable in coherent equation

    Or just fail to find every factor

    The effort for improvement is same effort to sacrifice settled condition

    The way for dream is same situation for nightmare

  4. I hope this American people finally find some peace after all that fast paced work load .
    It's time to find worth working to be honest nowadays cooperate life is worse everywhere even in India

  5. On a serious note this was needed , rich corporates are literally giving sleepless nights to it’s employees in the name of performance and productivity, some where there greediness must stop, humans have become machines!!

  6. you know Indian medical system for masses is best in the world, govt supports so much, we get free medicines, free insulin injections, sometimes free major operations, on opposite these so called developed countries are sulking the blood out of their middle class people, do Americans get insulin and other costly mediciens for free

  7. What's the bloody hurry to change the text? It's unnecessary irritation to read new klke this! It happens again and good bye wion from my life

  8. I quit for the sake of my mental health.I had comeback after a 12wk maternity break and then the next wk lockdown started and I worked 16hrs a day gathering reporting for covid data as I worked for a hospital.I still managed to drag on for a year but then gave up.enough is enough

  9. I think low wages and inflation could be the reason. US should produce more oil to stabilize the oil market. World's largest pil producers Venezuela, Iran and Russia are already sanctioned. Naturally the expensive oil will make transportaion cost go high.

  10. Mere zahan mein kae bar ye khayal aa chuka hai k main Mark Zukerberg ko maf kar don lekin phir mujhe apni bezati yaad aa jati hai .


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