The high-profile Hollywood trial: Johnny Depp calls Amber Heard allegations 'heinous'

In a recent update on the high-profile Hollywood trial, Johnny Depp says he was demeaned and beaten by Amber Heard. “I was the victim of abuse,” says Depp.

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Comment (47)

  1. Who cares, another entitled Hollywood flake airing dirty laundry, with everything else going on in the world…this is news?!!!!

  2. Johnny should be cleared of all charges and Amber be held accountable! I believe in you Johnny, you didn’t deserve what you went through. Women can be abusive too.

  3. Welcome to the 21 Century, the world of modern women and the crazy laws that are created to protect them even if they try to kill you. I might sound sexist, but I honestly feel like I understand why men from past generations were afraid to give women power. There are many women who are abused by men in nations where they have fewer rights than western women, and western women are only adding fuel to those abuses by showing the world what will happen if crazy women are given too much power and a society where they're considered harmless.

  4. JD has daylighted gaslighting. A hero, now off the screen and on a global stage, before those who have suffered abusive relationships and had no voice. Marvel at that Disney!

  5. Not only the physical pain, but the emotional trauma would deter a person. Women in a relationship can claim sexual abuse very easily, whereas man would not have any backing. When at first two people gets married, it means that they commit to each other for love & respect. However when one of them starts turning the table, the story of selfishness, rudeness begins..

  6. The question is did Amber try to defame Johnny it's not did he do drugs. The pictures that Amber's attorney presented proves that Amber was trying to defame Johnny throughout the relationship by taking these pictures case over it's proved she was trying to defame him

  7. JOHNNY DEPP IS A NATIONAL TREASURE! To choose NOT TO ABUSE, though he was awfully provoked and terribly treated as a kid, is his usual ADMIRABLE! God Bless Johnny and move on to wellness! Maaan, I want know what Elon deposed about her…!

  8. I REMEMBER Depp Threatening to KILL President Trump on Video. I watched it utter from his mouth. And why is he in the bathroom all the time? Slamming Drugs?

  9. People are getting hyped like Heard will get punished. Come to reality, nothing is going to happen to her. At max she might get charged little fine and let go. She won't see the jail time.

  10. She’s a sociopath and should be kept in a house arrest until the court makes a final judgment. How she’s trying to justify her abuse behavior in those recoding is just beyond my understanding. Also, she shouldn’t be allowed to work in the industry for someone else to be her next victim. My heart hurts for the actor Johnny Depp knowing he’ll be traumatized for the rest of his life. If it was up to me I would deport her evil ass to North Korea 🇰🇵

  11. Johnny ❤️ Is in Depth of pain which was build and given by Amber Hurt…Not Every man Is wise Some Are gentlemen too… ❤️

  12. If this case involves a female victim, every mainstream outlet would be covering this like the OJ trial.

  13. In the audio Amber defense is she saying that she was hitting Depp, not punching him.. What is that? This women is crazy.. Also keep in mind Amber already have crime record of abusing her ex girlfriend, she also been accused of abusing her ex assistant

  14. You put two people together with issues and it just goes pear shaped pretty quickly. Drugs, alcohol, trauma issues…chuck them all into a volatile relationship and eventually you get a tragedy occurring. Let's hope this story has a happier ending than some I've read in the past. Some people should never embark on a journey together… I think Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are examples to us all.

  15. What a load of crap that he could be supported by do many. He is an abusive out of control abusive creep. Do one must feel sorry for him. Not me

  16. Being a man in my 30s I have gone through this and believe me you have no power to defend yourself without being locked up or victimised in that scenario…If your defend yourself they call the cops if you counter the threaten you with cops or relatives…When you report it you are lying?this world is fucked up.And its usualy the ones who you least expect it from.


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