Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. You all need to do more research. All Hebrews aren't igbos. The Bible mentions quite a few times where real Hebrews split off and went in different parts of the world ; especially throughout Africa. In the case of his argument about dna, why is it that african American dna results show they have genes rooted in ghana and cote d'Ivoire more than Nigeria? Look into the akan people and culture. In my country (cote d'Ivoire) we still have a tribe called Dan also known as the Yacoubas (Jacob/Israël) and no we're not Nigerian. I'm akan and i have oral history in my own family that says some of our family came from Egypt and escape to cote d'Ivoire. There's a lot of tribes in Africa that are true hebrews. But their history is oral or not in English. The people are well aware of who they are if you ask them. Even as far as South Africa.

  2. Have then searching for a channel where I could find some real content on the creation races and caste system whatever I am a white female 47 years old but I rep Nigeria I can't say anything nice about it but I do know about a Nigerian I'm well known there they call me queen of everything at the tattoo of Nigeria on my arm Nigerians are just misunderstood I've been dealing with him for over 7 years I speak Yoruba and I speak Nigerian pidgin English and small igbo I believe believe that they are… I have seen a history documentary on Nigeria that shows the queen getting off the plane and meeting the tribes it is very interesting to me that they would just let someone come in and dictate when they have their own little tried as far as I know there is two thousand two tribes in Nigeria so yeah why would they let the Europeans come in and take over for a tray of food and things I don't think so because I giri is one of the richest in and such as oil blah blah blah and and so forth Nigeria just has a bad rap the it is ran by basically gangster and dictators that want to take all the money and leave the community poor I have igbo people I'm close to and he identifies asbeing part ofthe eriginal triibes..
    U are very intelligent please keep posting i enjoy soo much

  3. Harry Rosenberg is a iffy character not to be trusted. A likely agent. stop giving him information so he know who the people's are and which locations we are. Better these "people" don't acknowledge us and know who we are until Christ comes. This a guys even slipped up in a debate saying he wanted to " weed us out…" There were 2 or 3 debates with him on YouTube worth checking out for a laugh watching him get schooled, one with a guy named Ron( can't remember the last name but Ron Vs Harry Rosenberg will bring it up) and the other was with rabbi akwetey(sp?) (I'm sure I butchered his name, lol).

  4. Everytime I hear that term Jew it makes me cringe I don't understand why our people insist on taking up that mutt name we are not Jews we are Israelites Hebrew Israelites we do not practice Judaism the real chosen people keep the law statue's Commandments precepts judgments of the most high YAH we are instructed to separate to be set apart not to join a religious cult and call ourself Jew and we certainly don't have a star as a symbol and we don't wear yamaka

  5. My other question is why is it that no matter where you come from if you are a black so-called black you always have to get the white man’s approval or I would say his stamp of approval in order to say who you are

  6. We don't waiting for white men to proof to us but we waiting for Yahuah His day are coming he knows who are we much love family,I'm sukuma tribe in Tanzania my job to keep Yahuah commandments and laws and i know we are the people of Yahuah


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