The Importance of Meditation Compilation Video

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  1. Right on time message my brother and sister, "for the carnal mind is enmity against TMH" , meditation on the word is crucial, (your son is wise too! :)..shalom

  2. Shabbat Shalom and Thank You for being “woke” and believing in The Messiah. Not many on the U do. The Ruach light that shines is SO different when we do. Peace and Blessings!

  3. I can not tell you how must this aligns with what was in my heart today. This is a beautiful message and I appreciate this so much. Thank you Yahuah for using this family to confirm and be a witness to the truth that is in Your word. All praise to Yahuah Most High.

  4. I'm getting so much out of this, it ain't even funny! Lets all be warriors in the eyes of Yah! Thank you family for breaking it down, HalleluYah!

  5. It is so true the power in the mind, about one month a go, I had a dream and it was trying to be sexual and I said NO not here, I stop it from coming to me in my dream!

  6. when you was talking about your son's surgery.. I'm facing a similar situation with my 4 month old . and I'm confused on what to do . any advice

  7. have a question.. First I want to say may Yah continue blessing both of you and I have learned much from both of you esp in whites out pt. 1….but here is my question/testimony….when I was 13yrs old I wasn't really a believer and when I was on my way to school via train… A homeless looking lady went through each cart of the train looking for something or somebody but when she saw me she got very frightened and screamed out loud three times that I am one of the sons of God and when the doors open she ran fast away…. Now when I turned 17yrs still I wasn't a strong believer but I did get baptised that same day I was at home and I was cooking and noticed a dove in the sky but when it came near I noticed that it wasn't a dove but had dove wings with a ball of fire in the middle of it… Of course I was scared seeing this so I started throWing things in my house at it but everything went through it and then it flew right inside my head and I started praising Yah but it wasn't me…. Later in life when I was about 24 I seen another supernatural being which was in the form of a spirit looking robe of course again I was terrified but the robe just hovered from a distance then within a blink of and eye it contoured around my body…. What are these beings that has occupied themselves within my body…. There is a lot more I have to tell but for now this is my most important concern.. Now I am 35yrs and still see these things and hear a voice that tell me about all people and all things except itself…

  8. Shabbat Shalom! First of all, thank you for your commitment to Yah's people. Your ministry has been paramount in my Israelite walk.
    I am seeking guidance in understanding 2 Corinthians 3:10-18 with regard to the veil of moses. I am getting from this that to continue reading the law of moses puts a veil over your heart? it seems pretty clear, but perhaps I am missing something. Any help to understand would be greatly appreciated. I pray that you see my comment! Much love & thank you all again.

  9. Thank you Watchman for this compilation. I'm going HAM meditating on Yah's word consistently…day and night.

  10. 1:34:59 this is very true Christians really try to push that sky daddy Santa Claus version of the most HIGH YAH…..thats why so many are non believers (I almost was as well) because that sky daddy version of YAH just does not match up with reality….and if you think about it, it is very VERY arrogant and self righteous to assume you could EVER comprehend the thoughts of the most dare they project their own righteousness on our beloved MOST HIGH ELOHIM YAH!!!!

  11. shalom brother and sister, my name is blaze & i desperately need your help.
    I feel that the Father has directed me to e-mail is
    i have learned so much real truth from you & your wife.

  12. @Watchman Yahu
    I really enjoyed this teaching…
    I looked up the book of enoch 90:5 and I don't see the scripture in regards to double mindedness.

  13. Beautiful and set-apart couple. I had been following them for more than 10 years, and I rejoyce on their spiritual growth and wisdom. Wish we could live closer to fellowship together. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I don't know where they live.

  14. HalleluYAH, this was an excellent compilation! Thank you so much for encouraging us to meditate on the Word, it's not new information but the reminder never gets stale and is always needed in this WAR!! We appreciate you and the work you're doing, todah YAH!

  15. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽HalleluYah❣️❣️❣️ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽HalleluYah ❣️❣️❣️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽HalleluYah ❣️❣️❣️

  16. This the truth HalleluYAH. Meditation Faith acknowledge your sins and foolishness thank Yah for everything trials and tribulations humble yourself let him know you are not worthy for his mercy and grace come boldly in Yeshuahs name reminding Yah of the covenant with abraham Isaac and Jacob and Yeshuah being an advocate for trespass of the law always ask Yahs will be done command the most high to honor the Law he decreed for Yisrael to always be blessed every generation for his name's sake and break into praise worship and Thanksgiving songs unto our Elohim. This is the formula to prosperity Yisrael try this and watch our Abba move HalleluYAH.


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