The Importance Of Revelations, Revealed Knowledge, Understanding & Wisdom

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  1. I'm hoping too see you go beyond the Greeks. Because the Greek language is the actual language origins. They're deciphered from the Medu Neter whose lingua franca was called Mudar. I appreciate watching both Whiteout 1 and Whiteout 2 both documentaries were well presented.

  2. Shalom to your family be bless this video was straight from the most high like every of your videos Glory to our father thanks for sharing the knowledge.

    I have a question
    I had a dream where I see the scriptures that the most high wants me to read but all I remember is that I had a list, one was a psalm, one was Mathew, and one CorinthIans and other dream was James.
    I'm sad i couldn't remember the chapters but is this a signed of revelation?

  3. Shalom everyone, thanks for the word! I wanted to ask can you teach of the book of Revelation, it just seems like no one teaches the book of Revelation, I do know me and my family discuss and did bible study on it, very deep, but its good to know and understand, thank you!

  4. I am a 19 year old African American man and I want to seek out Yahweh but I do not Know where to start can you support me with any knowledge of our God Yahweh


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