The Jezebel Spirit 5 Exposing & Understanding the Truth about the Jezebel Spirit in Operation 2015

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Comment (41)

  1. It's sad that you have to explain that because you don't agree with something you are full of hate.

  2. 🤔 it just came to me how there's a j Jezebel when there was no j 2000 years ago watchmen can u help me out 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. I’m think’n the modern the common lyric: Ahaz the Arab the sheik of the burning sand. Violate the first principle of baelem. The Spirit that kill the king (man’s authority) and elevates the improper order. Man, i see this for what it is. Division is the greatest tool.

  4. Brah, sis, the symbolism is so deep when reflected off today’s mirror. S*^t is frightening. Look at the cross breeding at the higher levels of this world system.

  5. Shabbat Shalom Family, there are much more Blessings coming to the house of David.. Bring out The TRUTH and make us all aware of those demons that's lurking. SHALOM.

  6. Had to go in. ‘I AM, the culmination of the law (the beginning and the end of) of the law. You can’t get that from books. You can’t buy the rauch, He is a gift before you commit to the mission – He will revival ALL TRUTH.

  7. NO, NO , NO – NO! Where are my folks of the suspect and gavelrack folks, we need judgement! Where’s Vickie? Listen, this is foolishness on the subprimarial level. I am so done with this technobull*^it that would make our children feel as if they can’t grasp the future when they block aces to the what’s next. They fear us. If we get to the what’s next, they won’t be able to complete, #ied2021JapanIoc

  8. Bruah, as soon as you said cheese, I was done. CPC miss me, I’m good. No pressure , but doc – if we gonna due these holy days, we need the leading help. Sorry, that’s you and your sons after you. Sorry, you but the target on your front. Sorry, y’all in the front. Trainem up and they will step before your troop.

  9. We take the whole context within your pretext, all things… eat that pig. Etiology of words Je “earth” sus “pig” Take the truth. Prepare because the whole family is making moves. Movin’ from under Zaddy’s control of the message. Pay attention, the move is commin!

  10. As a man who just came from a bar drinking and intoxicated the woman next to u gives you more power in perspective from me myself meaning the message becomes more powerful! Im learning and fighting in this world we live in

  11. First Timothy chapter 3 verse 1 This is a true saying ,If a man desire the office of a Bishop, he desireth a good work verse 2 A Bishop then .must be blameless, ( the husband of one wife), vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;verse 3not given to wine, no striker,not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous verse 4 one that ruleth well his own house having his children in subjection with all gravity

  12. First Timothy chapter 3 staes one wife not many wives and let us not forget about the commandment of thy shall not comment adultery

  13. Let me take a overstand on this subject matter yes I was in a relationship with a women who shower me with gifts and I'm sure it's there is more to it than I know being that I left in the dark of the world , you know not hip enough you know, and to be put under a microscope being that I AM chosen by my Father to be tried and put through the fire and refined no I get no rest yes my phone and apartment with 3D imaging vehicle's are bugged yes no rest at the job wages and not as they should everything my Father said would happen and it's happing as I write this insult are being yelled under my window, giving no support of family and friends just Yah and self has made me much better know I was seeking a relationship with a wife I been and see things in the Spirit that you couldn't imagine . Yes I need to apologize in front of the congregation as a witness to Elohim Halleluyah yes I fell for the bait that was set in front of me I could have walked away but didn't and I have no excuses do this is what happens when set apart I have a feeling that other are ready to step in ican feel the feeding frenzy trying to start I have full confidence I Yahweh and yes I have a Nation of people who I'm responsible for and also getting a Temple built in a Land where we once owned . I have a lot to do and if there are times I'm getting off I look forward to be chastised and even mentored on subjects Iwill not be the cause or the subject of missing out for the foundation of This world I was formed I my mother's womb and had to learn the very hard ways no I didn't like but that was Yah orders so I Yah wants me to step aside I will wait for his judgement and in the eyes of man that may remove him I yes I hate this place with a passion there are no more Honest people and all are out to make a buck no matter how no study with any one The Kingdom Prepers yourself W.F.I Open Diary also Benyel Israel bring forth Yahweh TRUTH I'm sure there are many others no not trying to buy what is giving to me on behalf of bmy believing and searching all of my life another time another story of my history.

  14. Therr is a article I would like for you to read it's in a jewish news paper and there was something on front line news magazine from PBS on tracing bloodlines to Eastern Africa I have no rebuttal to remarks you made about me not a opinion I'm here for the TRUTH .

  15. To me, this demonic spirit is Narcissism aka lying, deflecting, selfishness, selfish ambition, control, false self…I I I and blaming with you, you, you. What a sad sad sad state. Have mercy! Only Yah can free one with this spirit. Only Him.

  16. Reading and quoting scripture from the bible doesn't make it true, is there any evidence of moses walking the earth outside of the bible?to me it doesn't seem like there is .crazy how you people keep referring back to the bible for evidence 🤣

  17. My husband and I increased in knowledge also when we left the Christian Church, Praise Yah!!!❤

  18. YAHUSHA said if they hated Him, they will hate us also. I am standing up for righteous living and I really don't care what they say about me.

  19. I have experienced TMH in the manner you speak of. I have had to battle for this truth. I thank God I found your channel.💞💕💜. It's been liberating. That "People are fake, or keeping it real thing is big with manipulators"


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