The Jezebel Spirit and her Prophets seducing spirits Part 1

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One of the biggest misconceptions concerning the Spirit of Jezebel is that it generally works in women, and if you listen to various preachers and teachers concerning this subject, it’s usually about lust, and seductive women or women preachers and teachers. They talk about how the women are being used by this spirit to bring lust, and sensual style dressing into the congregations. This is the spirit of lust working in these women, and might not even be the Jezebel spirit. Let’s look at the scriptures concerning the spirit of Jezebel and you will see that her main concentration of attack is far greater than most even realize.

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  1. WOW!!! Thank you. This is what I needed to know. No one will say that the spirit is in men as I thought.

    Beware of Porn, and it started with Lilith in the Garden of Eden as she was Adams 1st wife, and a spirit. May Jesus-Yah Bless you always. 

  2. I'm confused in that if women do the deeds of jezebel they do not have the jezebel spirit, they are just acting out. I don't get it.

  3. Great Word WOW!! Thank you Brother this Word of Truth needs to be heard around the world! Blessings Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I want to tell you a story. Years ago I was married to a man and we had music ministry together. However, the man I married had been married to three other women prior to me. One of those women was filled with the Jezebel spirit and that spirit lead her to drugs and prostitution. When she went to jail I would send her letters filled with scripture and hope. In my heart when I was weak I was jealous of her because of her beauty and thin body. I had allowed spirits like hers to beat me down and get in my head. However, the Christ in me was stronger. Today she is a true woman of God and is being blessed beyond measure. Her trials and tribulations are now being used to the glory of God. Fast forward to today, I am re-married to a Godly man who in his last marriage was torn down completely by a Jezebel woman. She was instrumental in causing his true word ministry to fail. When I found him he was but a shell of a man, this Jezebel woman moved on to another man. The month she was ordered to pay child support for the children she had with my husband, she miraculously found Jesus again. Immediately she latched onto a pastor of a church who was going through a divorce. She also tried on a couple of occasions to seduce my husband. I asked my husband to stop all contact with her. This Jezebel Spirit is just as the serpent in the garden of Eden and we all know that everything in this world comes full circle. So, just as Satan seduced Adam and Eve in the garden, it will ultimately be the spirit like this that claims more souls in the end. This proves this Jezebel Spirit (Pride) is the oldest evil spirit!  The woman who was married to my second husband has been told by God to preach on this subject in her husbands church. I pray for her to have the strength to do this. This message needs to get out there!  God Bless You!

  5. I lost someone that had just started to wake up to this Imhotep from the land of Mizraim as these false teachings are moving about our people now right at the time when they are just waking up and don't know too much about their true Hebrew Israelite heritage. After observing those that are pushing this they come at people giving them pride and telling them that all of these writings are just copied from them. Can you make a video touching on this subject? For I have witnessed the young be taken by these wicked ones, even a member of my own family and would like to find away to break the back of their hold on our people.

  6. I live with the Jezebel spirit and am attacked daily by it physically and mentally through a family members as well as my parents. I have no job right now so I can't just leave. No place to go….They use witchcraft and I have been born again so the lord watches over me all the time. People need to understand the witchcraft aspect this nation is forgoing right now. A place I worked everyone was using it, and I was bombarded daily all day everyday by these spirits. I prayed for death because as a christian I would never take my own life. It's been 3 weeks since I left my job now I pray for Yah's return so I can finally rest…..

  7. Acts 17:26New King James Version (NKJV)
    26 And He has made from ONE BLOOD [a] every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings,   

  8. To be struck in the liver? Interesting because the liver is a filter that is used to clean the body of impurities. It heals and restore the damage. Yah's principles has always operated in dual form. What ever is done on earth is a reflection of what is done in the heavenlies. A dart representative of a targeted accusation of satan as mentioned in ephesians. That's why we are to wear the breastplate of righteousness to quench his fiery dart. In the spirit realm the dart in the liver would destroy a spirit man's ability to recover. Destroying the man's ability to filter out the nonsense that would quickly take him out.

  9. To Whomever this Post logs onto Please Pray for Me & my Family. I'm aware that I'm under Attack by the Jezebel Spirit & I've been through enough I spend lots of my time in The Church..I feel as if I'm a target every day & that my Faith is being Tested …not only tested but Her & her False disciplines try their best to Bring me down which I am of The Church…My Family has a lot of Jazebel Spirits & The Main one..Is My Sister from my Mothers First marriage… I'm aware its not My sister I'm dealing with & that this Spirit has taken over my sisters Body & She doesn't remember her actions or what she says is because My sister has A Demon by the name of Jazebel…My Mother had it also..but she prayed it off & out of her fully aware she did My last time with my Mother was Easter of 2014 My Mother had Died in her house I Truthfully aware why…Know that My Mother is gone…My sister lives in that house …What can I do to get Rid of This Controling Deceiving Evil Spirit out if that House & away from My sister & out of my Sister..she's made friends with it this Demon…& her child he's under Control of it also… If anyone is out their reading this Please contact me at Thankyou

  10. This is nothing but fiction from the bible which is a work of fiction … amazing that the pea brained idiots of the world can be so easily deceived by a book filled with plagiarized fairy tales, myths, lies, deceptions and contradictions … or written to satisfy some pea brained idiots fantasy … Jezebel may have lived, but according to FACT there is nothing whatsoever like that in historical documentation … I know you pea brained christians have a real problems with FACTS!!!
    Very sad and pathetic

  11. so you say there was no "j" so no Jesus , yet you say nothing about the "j" in jezebel ???  whats up ? . but i do agree with you about the spirit as i have experienced it as well .  also i am sure she was a black women so whats up with all these black Israelite groups saying the white man is the devil ?

  12. i have noticed you like to refer to movies in many of your teachings . i would like to show you that TMH will also use the media to reach us with the truth.


     starting a little over 20 years ago many complete strangers would tell me i looked like george clooney. i basically ignored it, but there it was and still happens occasionally to this day. now i was married to my wife Elizabeth who passed away  7 years ago.  Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and never started treatment. Elizabeth was on life support for approximately 6 weeks before we chose to set her free.
    i would visit her every day and read to her from the Bible
    always the same chapter : John 14
    … Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my fathers house are MANY MANSIONS.
    14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    fast forward 5 years and George Clooney has released a film titled "The Descendants". if you are not familiar with the film it starts out where george and his family make a decision to terminate his wife who is on life support in a coma and her name is Elizabeth. one of the themes of the movie revolves around a massive estate in Hawaii.

    then in Gravity , George portrays an astronaut that sends a message from another dimension.

    “Gravity” star George Clooney says he didn't write a key scene in the movie that put his character back in the space drama — but he did help solve a transition problem for Sandra Bullock‘s character.
    “I didn't write any scene,” he told TheWrap in an exclusive interview on Wednesday, referring to reports that he'd written a critical scene in which his character, Matt Kowalski, returns to Bullock, playing astronaut Ryan Stone, who is in a dream state.
    “That scene was there from the minute I was handed the script,” he said. “The problem they were having was afterward.”
    He added: “I would never write myself a scene to come back in.”

  13. hi guys I was  aroamn catholic and lived my life sinfully, about 5 mnts ago I dunno I figured I would start praying to god and looking into the and reading the bible. Wwow what a wake up call, my sister is a doc , she thinks I suffer from a mental disorder for leaving my job and what im tellin gher abou the spirits of jezebel and the bible and that the roman catholic church is a fraud and the most high is not their god, not sure who is anyways my whole family thinks I have issues and it is really hard for me becaue evrytime I explain the bible to then they think I need to see the psychiatrist or I m nuts. I do my best now to pelase the lord and I haven't my whole life. I find so muc peace and I look for work but it sso weoird every single place denies me. Maybe it is the lord callin gme back to him idunno . Anywyas Praise the Most High in Jesus name, I believe G_D is regfinin gme and try ing to oil my lamp,as I haven't been with him for amnay many yers, I feel so ashamed of all I have done its hard for me sometimes to pray to him because of knowing my past, if anybody has advice iam always open for guidance, as he has humbled me. thank you. may the spirit of GO_ take away the flesh.

  14. Yahweh's House is revealing Yahweh's Truth in these Last Days, so Satan's power of deception is diminishing. There is only One Way to Salvation and that is through repentance and conversion. In that way, only, will you have the Right to the Tree of Life that Satan and her false prophets have cut mankind off from for almost 6000 years. Promised Protection and Blessings come with service to Yahweh.


  16. As far 1 King 16:29-33 How do you know Jezebel didn't command Ahab to set up Baal Peor worship 1King 21:25 said "Jezebel his wife stirred up" Jezebel like to marries a weak minder man or simp with authority. So she can be in control. You can tell how weak Ahab was in 1 king 21:4

  17. Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. The gospel is in 1 Corinthians 15 1-4 believe and live or reject Jesus and you have a big problem, and that is only your problem, forever and ever and ever …


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