The Jezebel Spirit and her Prophets Seducing spirits Part 2

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One of the biggest misconceptions concerning the Spirit of Jezebel is that it generally works in women, and if you listen to various preachers and teachers concerning this subject, it’s usually about lust, and seductive women or women preachers and teachers. They talk about how the women are being used by this spirit to bring lust, and sensual style dressing into the congregations. This is the spirit of lust working in these women, and might not even be the Jezebel spirit. Let’s look at the scriptures concerning the spirit of Jezebel and you will see that her main concentration of attack is far greater than most even realize.

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  1. Love it man keep on you are a inspiration to become in truth and understanding how to equip myself with the word of Yahweh stay blessed shalom

  2. What an awesome message.  Can you shed light on getting married in a church and marriage certificates etc…..How should we go about it.  Thank you


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