The Jezebel Spirit and her Prophets Seducing spirits Part 3

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One of the biggest misconceptions concerning the Spirit of Jezebel is that it generally works in women, and if you listen to various preachers and teachers concerning this subject, it’s usually about lust, and seductive women or women preachers and teachers. They talk about how the women are being used by this spirit to bring lust, and sensual style dressing into the congregations. This is the spirit of lust working in these women, and might not even be the Jezebel spirit. Let’s look at the scriptures concerning the spirit of Jezebel and you will see that her main concentration of attack is far greater than most even realize.

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  1. Brother I like ur brake down,I pray. That you don't mind if I us the most high teaching,to teach are people the truth.

  2. I like ur teaching bro I don't know way u don't look uk the name yah and see where it come frome.i know u have a zeal ,bro just look up the name,

  3. The Most High told Mose his name,I'm not tripping on the name,we see in parts,I will see u in the wildness,if it be the Most High will.,this is out of love to my bro.

  4. Thanks for this as for us all it starts with Acts 2:38 for no man shall enter the kingdom of YAH unless the are born of the water and of the spirit. Once this done then they are to go and obey Deuteronomy 10:12 and know that Yahusha added to this love thy neighbor as thy love thy self.
    I can't tell you how many times people have rose up against these words to tell me that is a "Works" when Yahusha said these words not just once but twice. The spirit of truth is out there and let he that has and ear hear it, HalleuYah!

  5. I have had a woman tell me that a prophet had prophesied to her that she would be given another woman's husband. These false prophets are real and they are misleading people. Although this woman should have known that this could never be a union approved by Yah because they were committing adultery and this is clearly a sin.

  6. I appreciate the word but one question brother. You dress and look the part of a Muslim and you dismantle the church but I haven't heard you speak what the primary source Jezebel is after; Islam. Do they not deny yahushua? last I checked they did. Shalom


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