The Joy of YAH: Let everything with breath praise YAH!

The Joy of Yah is our strength Nehemiah 8:8-12

Sing a song ….Earth wind and fire

Psalm 150:1-6 praise him

Psalms 100

Luke 19:37-40 rocks cry out

Reasons to Rejoice:
1. your enemies 2 Chronicles 20:20-30
2. your service to Yah 1 Chronicles 15:25-29
3. Something good happens
a) healing Acts 3:1-9

4. Captivity ending Jeremiah 33:11
5. In everything give thanks

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  1. SHALAM, Everyone my name is Khalil and, My age is 17. I'm from Glendale, AZ. I just came into knowledge of my people that we are chosen from YAH THE MOST HIGH, but i'm having problem on what I should do in these end times as a young Isralite  like how should i walk, what should I study, how do i teach my young brothers, and how do i deepin my bonds and help others deepen theirs with The most high  when i'm still in learning myself. please help me.

  2. How can HalleluYah mean "Praise ye Yah", when "ye" is a British word in origin? Why would Hebrews write in Old English? I'm out of Christianity and have many questions…


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