The King James Bible vs the Cepher Scriptures

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  1. I really like the cepher! Itโ€™s a really good book in fact I have the kjv and a few other ones and those translations do not include lost books nor the original names, I also noticed they inserted multiple things in the kjv, but in all understanding everyone reading will be lead by the ruach haqadesh for all truth, no matter the translation, but so far as my opinion the cepher is the best one I read & iam very comfortable with this one the best, also it gives me a clear understanding, but another great idea is reading other ones next to it to connect the dots, by the ruach haqadesh itโ€™s amazing though! The cepher! Praise yah๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

  2. You Hamites changed your last name to YAH? What sacred delusions do you have, other than the delusion that Black people are the original Hebrew Israelites, what a lie.

  3. Last I checked, Hamites are Gentiles, and all the lies in the world won't change that, and since all black people are descendants of Ham only, and those who intermarried with them.

  4. I bought myself a 1611 KJV last year for my birthday, but itโ€™s definitely not a comfortable read. Iโ€™ve been curious about the Cepher, so I appreciate your review! Do you know if he used Textus Receptus? Or did he use the Latin Scriptures? Just curious.
    One other thing……have you seen the Ethiopian Scriptures in the care of the Holy Men in Ethiopia? Amazing group of hermits (literally).
    Hereโ€™s the link. You can go to the 55 min. mark, just to checkout the scriptures.
    Ethiopian Hermits with Ancient Holy Scriptures

  5. All Bibles are translated from the original scrolls. That doesn't mean there aren't errors. The majority of the KJV errors are simple things, like the, though, etc. However, I do think the Greek/ Roman ways do influence the KJV. After all, King James was a flamboyant flaming homosexual, and his mom was Bloody Mary.

    If you look up how they got the name Jesus, basically, He was Yeshua (Joshua) in the Hebrew Old Testament, but the New Testament was in Greek. They didn't have the correct letters to translate Yeshua from Hebrew to Greek. So, yes, The Messiah's name has been translated incorrectly, but it wasn't with malicious intent.

  6. A little tidbit of information about the Cepher; Dr. Pidgeon spent years just researching the proper names to use for Yahuah and Yeshua. That's not counting the rest of research he put into the Bible.

  7. They took 14 books out of the KJV in the 1880's. So, anyone not willing to acknowledge the Apocrypha, because they aren't in the KJV, is being deceived.

  8. Most people don't know it's bad to worship on Sunday because that's all they know, and don't know any better.

    I never heard of anyone being called Christian before Yeshua. The research I found, shows early believers followed what they called The Way. The Romans got ahold of it mixed with paganism. The Roman Catholics changed the Sabbath to Sunday because that's when the pagans worshipped their sin god on Sunday. The Roman Catholic church changed the Sabbath to show they were above God. So many Protestants are following traditions that came from Catholicism, that came from paganism; and they don't even know it.

    The Bible says MANY will be deceived and I think it's talking about Christian's. They think they're in the right, and they are, in the instance of believing in, and worshipping Yeshua. They miss the mark with some of their traditions and ways, like Easter, Christmas and the Sabbath. They also miss the mark in teaching us that we are saved by grace, so we don't have to follow the Torah.

  9. I Got Three Major Questions That I Just Got To Know I Trust You Guys Teachings, and I Enjoy your Videos Keep Them Coming.
    1. As A Hebrew Israelite What Religion Do We Belong To?
    2. As Israelite Do We Believe In The Trinity?
    3.Did He Died On A Cross Or Tree?

  10. My brother and sister i only listen to u now and learn more because i would never change ur teachings for anything else u open my eyes now i can see clear now the rain is done
    i can see all obstacles in my way i am holding out to the end Yah bless u both u also have many stars in ur crown for ur good works shalom

  11. Yea there is this person , that is against the Cepher Bible , that is on YouTube , i unsubscribed from them , i think it is a very good translation , i really like it .i am reading in the book of Jubilees now .I think The Cepher Bible might have around 87 Books ?

  12. Just ordered mines and allowing the Ruach Hakodesh to guide me … Iโ€™m praying for discernment on whatโ€™s truth and whatโ€™s deception… The Ruach will guide me into all truths Amen

  13. APTTMH HALLELUYAH YAHUAH in the name of Yahushua HA'MASHIACH RUACH HA'QUODESH AHMEIN, Shalom ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ•Ž๐Ÿ—ก๏ธ๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ

  14. I'm warning you in 20 20 I went on Amazon and the cepher Bible was over $1,000 do not go to Amazon you can get it for $100 at this Brothers link

  15. Shalum
    Cepher is the hebrew term for book
    While the word Bible is come from the Greek word Biblius.So I will choose the Cepher
    Praise Yahuah ha Elohim for the knowledge

  16. Do Yah ordain marring someone of a different race? Like a black man marring a white woman? If so, can you provide the scripture for me?

  17. I'm wondering when my copy of the Cepher Bible will arrive? I ordered it about a month ago. I asked for a large print if you have a large print edition. I study from several different versions. I am eager to get the Cepher Bible.

  18. Itโ€™s definitely good to be informed and be able to cross reference, but let us not make the books an idol. Let the spirit of YAH guide us

  19. The first and true Bible was never translated, It is "The Great HE, or The Great EL". There you will find all creation began in Africa. The true Jerusalem still stands in Africa near Ethiopia. Because of Nimrod's great sin, all peoples were sent out into all the world. 12-25 is not the Lord's birth. It is the death of the sun god, "Baal". The Sabbath is sealed by God and can not be a Sunday. The Catholics changed the Bible in order to serve the sun god. They whitewashed the history of the Holy Word.

  20. I am interested i buying the cepher. Amazon is out and not sure when they will have again. I want to make sure i get the right one. Can you give me the details on the edition author etc.

  21. I also so agree with the commentors there is no perfect nothing that Man has had a hand in ! Because so much has been taken out added to until it has messed with the truth of YHWH word ! Even reading the truly messed up KJV of the Bible we can get truth from it when we pray to Father YAH for wisdom and knowledge of what we are reading ! This has to be done with all Bibles ! I also understand that there is more in the cepher than any Bible ! You have true names of the men of YAH ! We have to also understand the truth about these names especially our saviour Yahshua ! Jesus is not a translation it's a name change of our saviour Yahshua ! These European names in this KJV Bible is just that name changes of the deciples and prophets and apostles ! When we start to except these truth's then we come into the knowledge of who we are in Yahshua ! Be blessed in our Heavenly Father Creator YHWH in Yahshua name be blessed !

  22. Good message, I just bought the Cepher, I researched Mat 28.1 and saw it in the Interlineal Bible stating:
    "…at the drawing on towards one of the Sabbaths." (not first day.)


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