The Man's Biblical Role

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The First Book of Adam and Eve….24:1-7

until shiloh com….Genesis 49:10

Emanuel…Matthew 1:23, Isaiah 7:14

born of thee shall be called the Son of God. Luke 1:35 (KJV)
Christ should be born ….Matt 2:4-6

Child is born…Isaiah 9:6
Thou madest him a little lower …Heb 2:5-9
I come: in the volume of the book…Psalms 40:6-8
a body hast thou prepared me…Heb 10:5-10

the word was yah John 1:1-3, 14

Philip have I been so long with you John 14:8-9

I and my father are one…John 10:30

fullness godhead…Colossians 2:9

the Almighty.
Rev 1:8 (KJV)
no savior besides me…Isaiah 45:21, Hosea 13:4, Isaiah 43:11

Before Abraham was, I am …John 8:58 (KJV)

Baptism in the name? Isaiah 63:1-6

Attributes…all powerful

God manifested in flesh…1 Timothy 3:16

Phil 2:10-11…every knee should bow
both Lord and Christ….Acts 2:36 (KJV)
God our Saviour ;…Titus 1:3 (KJV)

(Psalm 78:1–2)

(Matthew 13:34–35).

(Isaiah 6:9–10).

(Matthew 13:13–15).

Isaiah 8:14).

(1 Peter 2:7–8).

(Isaiah 35:5–6).

” (Matthew 11:2–6).

(Isaiah 40:3–4).

(John 1:23)

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Comment (20)

  1. He doesn't cherish,love,or,honor me..We have no bills because we live in a rv.He makes $45,000 a year and I can't go to the dentist,get new glasses,I say in the rv 24hrs a day,no friends,no outlet he doesn't want to worship the Shabbat with me but his kids and grandkids. He says that having the Shabbat with me is a waste of his time and that by showing his grandkids who Yah is will help him receive redemption from Yah.I'm writing this with a heavy heart because he told me I had a few days to get it together because he is kicking me out of my home for 30 days so I will be officially homeless in a few days💔

  2. Bless you brother, you always have an amazing message! The Father in Heaven uses your voice for great things and I am grateful to be able to hear it!!! Thank you!!!

  3. After reading some of these comments, I see more and more you are a TRUE diamond in the rough brother!! May TMH bless you, your beautiful wife and children!!😘

  4. Todah Watchman. You have presented a timely lesson from the Word of YaHuah. You teach this lesson not only from the scriptures but also by example. Thank you for laying this out for us men as fathers and husbands. May The Most High Yah be with you and your family. Shalom!!

  5. Great message brother Watchman!
    I have always said that there needs to be classes taught to Men on how to be Real men, according to The Most High's design….and classes for women as well, especially within "our" community since the systematic breakdown of our families. There are so many men & women with Mommy AND Daddy issues that it spills over into their relationships. Something has to be done to break this cycle, so the next generation(s) of kids won't have to be so broken & damaged.

  6. When y'all talk about curse your children my uncle tried too curse me and it went on his children .we got too watch. What we say or the curse will go on are seeds the word is so true I'm coming out of the world's way

  7. Thanks Watchman, I needed this Ahch. I don’t always agree but you always have some good knowledge to help with this spiritual walk with Yahuah

  8. Thank you Watchman for helping the black Brothers of the Tribe of Judah. Its your responsible from the MOST HIGH to provide for your Family and to love your wife and your children. Teach them the MOST HIGH LAWS AND TO RESPECT HIM IN ALL YOUR WAYS.THEN WILL THE MOST HIGH WILL RESTORE THE TRIBE JUDAH BY MAKING THE FAMILY STRONG AGAIN. WE CAN DO THIS.

  9. Thank you WatchMan for a Wonderful, uplifting message. This message needs to be heard everywhere. I was totally moved by this message. I’ve been praying for My husband and Myself, we’ve been separated for over 2 years. We still get along but he has issues that he needs to deal with mentally. I’m praying for the day that he will be healed. All I can do is pray about it, and I pray that our Men ( especially these young Men) would open their eyes and quit misusing our Young ladies, and that our young ladies would stop being silly Women. I pray for my daughter that the Father of her child would open his eyes and grow up, and realize how much she really cares for him, and praying they will become a Family ( only when YAH changes them both, for the best Spiritually).
    I’m going to believe these things will be done, in the name of YAHSHUA. I Thank you YAH for all things.


  10. Yes sir the truth will set free brother's plz understand you are the head and only then can be the body cmon on now

  11. This teaching will change YOUR life NOW! We could watch it over and over again. Praise YAH! YAHusha (I am he who saves) is our Teacher, and Watchman YAHu is lead by YAHusha. “What's the MOST HELPFUL and SIMPLEST WAY that WORKS? – David YAH, Father of Helpology

  12. Watched this teaching with my husband and 16 year old son-very encouraging and strong teaching for the men of Yah. HalleluYah! Shalom to you and your family.

  13. 🙌🏿APTTMH🙌🏿 I'm ever so thankful for the message you put forth. Sadly there's many brothers far too puffed up to adhere to it. For we already know the scripture says "every way of man is right in his own sight" 😔 keep pushing this truth in spite of. Shalam ✊🏿

  14. To think, wicked minded men are entertaining the thought of wanting multiple wives for carnal reasons because it’s biblical, while not thinking of the responsibility that comes with it. They have to honor all of those wives, if not judgement comes from dishonoring all of them. Sheesh!


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