The Marriage Demon, Marriage Series 8

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  1. Todah Todah Todah for this. I did watch the first marriage series. The ones that my Ish has seen Reeeeeaaallyy helped us. And y'all exposing these demons. 🌟AMAZING.✨ Yah is amazing. HalleluYah! Todah rabah to you family. Youth have been a vessel like no other. Also, that video editing is a lot. I make music and my ministry depends a lot on video editing. Could y'all do a small series on what you know and also a real estate? If not that's fine too. Love you all. Shalowm!💛💙💜❤💚

  2. Grrrrr didn't catch this LIVE… (what's with this YT algorithm – as of late, I'm missing more new LIVEs than I'm catching…. what the….)

  3. I haven't been married yet but I been learning about the Marine kingdom and water spirits. I've had dreams that pointed in this area. They can play heavy on our emotions starting arguments over little things money, delay and setbacks. I cancel and rebuke them nowadays but yea, Its deeper then many think.

  4. How about if the enemy is using a son who is 22 years old, lazy and disrespectful to me as the father and thereby causing misunderstanding between my wife and I?.Constantly calling the police to my house. What should I do? I have been seeking Yah`s help in this matter.

  5. What's sad is I have a childhood friend in and out of prison and on drugs find a wife from Kenya who is a Christian and a professional woman who works in a law firm. She told me she's mad at God. I said why? She said she prayed for a husband and her pastor told her he's coming. Once she married my friend he dogged her. He a 2 time felon who just got locked up a few weeks ago on 3 more felony charges. He's also a drug addict and she didn't know. She never knew anyone that was on drugs like that so she didn't know the signs. I feel bad for both of them. He may lose a good woman because she may be done after 3 years of marriage and 5 years knowing him. Coming from Kenya had me wondering what type of Christian she is knowing Africa be playing both sides of the fence.

  6. 🤔 I hope these statistics are man and woman divorces and some not man/man nor woman/moman mixed in that finding😕I'm glad you'll bring this up🤷🏽I see this on FB all the time in groups and I addressed it and Holy spirit put it on my heart let the wives and husband know that it's a 👹EVIL spirits tearing the family apart 😞it was like ever minute someone posting about their marriage Jezebel Spirits these women coming after married man more than ever👀
    Even men going with married man🤷🏽
    My marriage gone because of other people and my husband didn't wanna listen he putting our business out and others coming in with their opinions😂 They came from a single parent household😕trying give advice😂 and We been apart for like 1 year 😑 Now he wanna get remarried😂😜😂
    He realized what he did was wrong😂
    ☝🏽 but it's too late 😕You got the divorce and I'm done🤷🏽 you listen to other ppl and got it so it is what it is🤷🏽😂your lost🤷🏽 playing like he into God then stop etc. If you put God first and don't fall for Temptations when it comes too you😕you be ok
    Pray always More you pray The more they will come harder at you and your relationship and family👀☝🏽 Remember more and more men turning Gay🤷🏽 Blessing God speed

  7. I never lost you guys getting a good stream listening hearing I have a spiritual journey thank you for all of your words of encouragement

  8. I love you both, and yes Mr Watchman your Wife is a very smart woman. I feel that in the spirit.. l do feel you both Love each other Unconditionally and with respect, glory to the Father..
    Satin do not like Unity for what is right in our Father's light which is (TRUTH), you Can Not be Selfish in Marriage. Much love to you both1❤❤ and many more blessings.

  9. Watchman Reports check this video.
    Mixed Marriages in the bible Real Leaders
    Ahyal ban Gad ban Yasharahla one Nation

  10. Maybe they started wrong.The Most High said make no vows. But yet we have to have a marriage vow. The wicked introduction of the ring was added in 1929. And i can go on on with the things that more than likely shouldn't be added to the Most Highs correct way to be married. If its not built on that rock then we all no the out come. Peace and love my fam and The Most High way is the only way.

  11. I know a sister who's in the walk I'm not going to put her name out there but she said to me one day if she can change time she wouldn't have married her spouse!!! Because after a year of marriage he became lazy like he's looking for a mother figure and not a wife she said in the beginning he worked then all of a sudden he just started making excuses about why he couldn't find a job!! And he use scriptures on her to keep her there but I say that to say this most of our Hebrew brothers and sisters get married for sex so it wont look like they are sinning in the most high eyes most of these marriages is not put together by TMH YAH it's put together by LUST…

  12. Most of them will divorce the Hebrew woman and keep the gentile women because our people have self hating issues real talk!!!

  13. I’ve become depressed and having anxiety attacks due to financial hardship. I’m glad you brought this up.

  14. My husband and I got married last year. We have been together for several years and we have a daughter, but I no longer wanted to live in sin, so we got married. After a month and a half, my husband had a Traumatic Brain Injury. This happened after I pressured him to sign up and go to work. That night he went to work, he ended up hospitalized for 6 weeks. He suffered amnesia and it took several weeks to regain his memory. After he regained his memory, he has become overly sexual. He started watching excessive porn and pursued other women. His doctor said it's related to his brain injury. However, it has really taken a toll on our marriage. I'm actually strongly considering a divorce. I find it odd that our problems didn't become severe until we were married. I wondered if someone was doing witch craft or some other type of spiritual attack. I ask that you please pray for my marriage and help me rebuke the demons. Thank you

  15. You laugh but love of wife and mother love for her children bc the women is the BACK bone and she will always be a nurturing women I bet you the first thing when you're sick oh yeah hurting who do you call besides a doctor your wife because she is abundantly blessed witty graceful and she endures patiently unconditionally a man has to put his wife first above all the most high comes first but she comes

  16. My husband said y’all must Hurd us cause we just got through Arguing about nothing and it just didn’t make any sense!! And then y’all broadcast pop up on our phone .And my husband said wow .. he said we need to be careful .. So thank you watchmen for the lesson , we learned so much form you …

  17. Powerful family!!! I lost my wife of 17 yrs.😢 This was his we were defeated. Now she sleeping around and curses YAH with her mouth. My children r crushed and im preparing 4 boys in YAH a lone. We were told great things before the fall. Also we were stopped by a stranger in a herbal shop that great evil was coming against our family but lacked the tools to defeat this evil foe. Now my marriage is completely destroyed while my old companion is covered in vomit

  18. Thank you guys so much for this video and everything that you do for us! I wish that my husband would listen to this video. Your videos help me to keep striving to correct my sins daily. I thank the Most High Yah for you two.❤️❤️❤️

  19. Thank you guys!! I’m a new subby. I needed this. I just got engaged and oh boy there is trouble in Tokyo😂 that marriage demon has arrived. Lord help us. ❤️

  20. Awesome word  what about the adulterous spouse 7 years of the same act what do you do? What do you do when the unfaithful implies its your fault and constantly say why you stay if you know what I do. When you have made a vow to God.  What do you do in this matter, if divorce is not acceptable?

  21. Wow this is an excellent teaching!! May Yah continue to uplift you both and share so much more to bring us where we need to be! Thank you! So grateful for your wisdom!

  22. What did you do if you had a bad dream? Are you praying for it and and to Yah? And you think it true? how reflect this in your life?

  23. Look at The great power of Yah! Nothing like watching a properly loved woman just shining shining what a crown! 👑

  24. This is another great informative BIBLICAL BASED video!!! I thank YAH for blessing you two with so much Wisdom and understanding and you're sharing it with us. Shalom family!!!

  25. Most marriage breakups, is not all as the works of satan, most marriages are not based on building up relationships,but based on material things and money gains.Few people get married for love.


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